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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

You forgot the FZ-1.
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Default Re: Your Link? LOL

So 6 or 7 hacked off punters complain about an X1 and a couple of blasts and that is "indicative of Buell build quality"....please.
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Default Well....

Considering that there have ONLY been a few thousand BeeLasts built, and maby 60,000 Buells total over the years, the complaint rate seems awfully high.

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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

I'll just refer you to MO's comparo between the XB9R and the 900SS where it wasn't even close in the twisties. The XB9R also managed to walk away from an RC51 (or was it an R1?), as you may or may not recall, sparking a huge controversy among the non-believers.

You admit yourself that the 800 isn't the 1000, so if the XB can walk away from the 900, what makes you think it won't walk away from the 800? Maybe the Euro version of the Buell tested by Bike magazine is restricted or something, who knows. But for now, I'll stand firmly by my assertion that in just about any environment involving curves (and possibly those without), the XB will be the bike of choice.
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Default Re: The SP4 and the TT are exactly alike...

Except the speed4 is retuned for midrange and doesn't have big holes in the power curve. MO seemed to like it.

Just a minor point.
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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

I made the mistake of buying a Z1000 and it has the worst transmission of any bike I've owned! Numerous other flaws including poor fuel injection, hesitation off the line, spools rub on my pipes with a second person and my insurance tripled from my Honda 919. BTW, it's for sale!
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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

re: triumph reliability and dealer issues that have been brought up in context of my stupid sad saga:

currently own a 2001 Sprint RS. Pretty fun, quick & smooth bike for the most part. Bought it over a Duc because of supposed better reliability and that there was no local Duc dealer.

Developed a nasty fuel leak about a month ago (less than two years old and only about 2500 miles) & have heard about fuel connector problems, fuel leaks etc. with Triumphs. Local Triumph dealership sold out a few months ago and new dealer didn't pick up the Triumph line leaving me to trailer the bike to the nearest dealer 100 miles away. While attempting to load the bike on a trailer ramp, the fuel leak caused me to slip & led to the dumping of the the bike & about $3k in body damage. Current dealer says parts are sometimes a struggle & more than one dealer has commented how dealing with Triumph is a hassle sometimes. Needless to say, I'm a bit pissed in general & wonder how any realistic bad luck with Duc reliability could be worse than the current hassle I am dealing with.

For my two cents worth in wrapping up, if you're going to get something non-Japanese, nothing is cooler than a Duc.

In that vein, anybody taken an M1000 for a spin. Are they big enough for a 6'1" 220 lb. guy or are they still too tight in the pants? How about the Supersport 1000DS, etc.? Any help appreciated. Good luck in your search.
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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

OK, I had no time to read every comment, but I didn't see it mentioned in the first twenty or so, so...

Kawi recently announced an imminent smaller sibling to the Z1000, a Z636 (or whatever they decide to call it). A concept similar to the Z1000, but with the motor from the zx6r in it. The same motor that is creating a stir in AMA superstock racing by winning races with 114 CC's less than allowed.

Now, surely it will have less torque than the Z1000, but it should also be cheaper than the Z1K, which is already priced under just about everything else in the naked bike market. I would expect a very capable bike that will have much room for cost effective improvement, just like the Z1000, which is also pretty close to your price range, from the looks of things.

Don't forget, depending upon how much you like to tinker, and your budget, it is sometimes best to look at a bike's potential, rather than its outright performance from the showroom floor. The Z1K (and presumably its smaller sibling) may have pretty crappy suspension components, especially when riding two up, as noted by an early post, but considering the price, a VERY nice suspension upgrade is pretty easy to envision for the bike. The motor is there, the weight and chassis seem to be there. Depending upon your point of view, the looks are there. And excellent handling is a mere phone call to you local suspension guru away...


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Default It's sooo easy!

First go ride all of them any way you can. Then make your decision. And don't base your decision on having a passenger, touring across the desert or any other one time or part time endeavour. Make your decision on real world conditions that you will ride in every day. I don't know where you live or what kind of roads are available to you or if you will ride all day in congested traffic or the open road. That's where you have to be totally realistic.

Now for the armchair moto-journo recommendation.

The Buell XB9S Lightning is the clear choice for a kick around bike, especially around town. It's also the coolest of the three, with real character and personality to back it up. You'll fall in love with all that big V-Twin torque. I'll throw in the KTM Duke II as an alternate. Don't get me wrong, I like Ducati a lot. But I'll take the top-shelf Buell over the mid-shelf Duck and Trumpet any day. That's just me.

Good Luck!

Singles and Twins Forever!
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Default Re: they ALL suck ...

i've seen enough of 'em puke to know i don't want one!
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