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Default Re: Sidewinder Polartec Jeans

The sidewinders look okay, but I find that when I ride in cold weather, waterproofing is just as important as warmth. I find that a simple pair of rainpants over my jeans provides complete wind and water protection and much more insulation. I rode through Wyoming, up to 12,000 feet in drizzly August weather (snow in the fields around us) wearing jeans and rainpants, and my legs were fine. Of course I wear boots, thick socks, two shirts, motorcycle jacket, winter gauntlets, and full-face helmet.

Incidentally, I find that my neck often gets cold between the bottom of the helmet and the top of the jacket. Anybody have an easy solution?
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Default Polartec Jeans- answer to a question no one asked!

So you were comfy on your way to work, and then you get to your office and now you are all hot and sweaty because the office is warmed to 78 degrees. Now what?

These are not motorcycle specific pants. They are designed for folks who work out in the cold all day. They have no abrasion resistance, and probably flap at high speeds.

You just can't beat an aerostitch for warmth, comfort, protection or convinience. But hey, there's no handy link next to the aerostitch review to facilitate impulse buying, so I guess MO recommends the product whose manufacturer pays the most to advertise.

As far as changing your riding uniform goes, I was able to do it after 12 years. From now on I will be wearing aerostitch and full armor everytime I ride, and wear what I want underneath, whether a 3-piece suit or Speedos. (Ladies, control yourselves!)
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Default Re: Sidewinder Polartec Jeans

These Jeans looked interesting to me and the price was not all that bad so I decided to give em a try. I did not fall for the Competition Accessories ad by the story though. I bought directly from Maverick Mtn. $59 either way, but at least the manufacturer gets it all this way. If you are going to buy online why add a middle man if you don't have to? Here is the address.

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Default Re: Sidewinder Polartec Jeans

I've been wearing the Sidewinder jeans for about five years, and have found them to be most useful for riding through New York winters. The trick is to wear thermal long underwear for weather below 40-45 degrees. I generally wear "Damart" long johns or silk, and these pants keep my legs warm down to about 25 degrees!

I ride year long and find that wearing jeans with pockets is much more convenient than bulky "snowsuit"-type pants.

Oh yeah, I recently had the opportunity to crash test them on a low-side getoff. They ripped, but I didn't bleed.

Overall, this product was a revelation for cold weather riders, especially sportbike riders, as they allow that extra lean off ability required when cornering on cooler tires.
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IceWorm i want to buy these jeans how much you shipping rate?
Mens Jeans
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Boie, the thread is over ten years old!
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Spam post resurrected
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Originally Posted by A Star Ride View Post
Spam post resurrected
By another potential spammer no doubt.

Which goes to illustrate one reason that obvious spam and other trash postings really should be deleted and the poster banned.
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