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12er 06-01-2003 06:19 AM

Re: Hit Before Even Riding, Heads Up to Newbies
The shop around comment rings so true. When I had a quote done by progressive for my KLR650 they wanted $4000 a year (my BMW $6000). Little shopping and I found full coverage for $274 a year. On a used bike you can get just PL and PD but I would highly recommend uninsured motorists coverage just to cover your own butt. Also like someone else suggested run the highest limits you can get. The 15/25 or less minimums the state requires is just too little. I run 100/300 for only about $50 more a year. Also if you have a car adding your bike to your existing policy gets you discounts at many places. Especially if its "Part time" or 2cnd vehicle coverage.

Call a few of the local shops and see what companies they recommend. Some companies go by CC's only and some go by bike type. With bike type companies you could insure a bandit 1200 cheaper than a race rep 600 yet we all know the Bandito Grande is one stonkin bike. Just keep looking, affordable coverage is out there.

On the plus side as a newbie the fear of your coverage skyrocketing may keep you from doing something stupid. Which in turn will greatly aid in you not becoming a statistic.

Ride safe and good luck! Welcome to the club.

southwindphoto 06-01-2003 07:50 AM

shop around
Like so many have said shop around


if you already have health insurance you only need LIB

Full coverage for my 2003 Harley Softtail Classic is $675

Mikey 06-01-2003 08:48 AM

Re: Hit Before Even Riding, Heads Up to Newbies
The best way to knock the rates down is to get a bike proportionate to you experience and skill level. Get a GS500 or even better a DR350 and ride that for a minimum of six months, preferrable a year.

A new rider has no business being on a CBR600 unless he/she is just getting his/her picture taken.

IMNSHO, all the people above telling you to only get basic coverage so you can afford that CBR are morons.

fizzchem 06-01-2003 09:08 AM

Re: Answer to life's problems for newbies
Buy an SV650. You can't go wrong!

Pacer 06-01-2003 09:21 AM

Re: Hit Before Even Riding, Heads Up to Newbies
I say buy basic coverage if you own the title. Unless you are a bad driver you will statisticly be better off. I know a guy who owns a salvage yard (for cars) and he said that if you can go 3 years with out a wreck you will save by going with just liability. The average cost of repair for a wreck is under the total amount paid for insurance. Now that is for cars, but it should ring true for bikes to. If you are wecking more than once every three years sell the bike. Plus he is talking about spending less than 2 grand for the bike. If he wrecks it he can get a decent portion of the investment back by parting the bike out on ebay.

Pacer 06-01-2003 09:24 AM

Re: Hit Before Even Riding, Heads Up to Newbies
Oh, I forgot to add, IMNSHO moron.

RedondoRider 06-01-2003 09:30 AM

Re: Hit Before Even Riding, Heads Up to Newbies
You might think about looking at bikes that don't have that 'cbr' in their names (still honda--like vtr, etc). Insurance rates are based upon insurance claims, and the cbr is one that has had a lot of claims due to the number of idiots that purchase and wreck them (and themselves about half the time). Dittos for gsxr's and a few others. My first sportbike was a vtr, and the insurance quotes for it were about a third fo the quotes for a cbr---simply because the vtr was brand new and had no history of claims at the time. Even now it's substantially less because that bike has not had the history of claims of the cbr. Your crap driving record doesn't speak to having the best of judgement, so you're going to pay the price for that whatever you ride, but shop for bikes with lower rates, shop for insurance vendors with lower rates, and clean up your driving record (in other words---grow up) and you'll get to a point where you can afford the price of entry.

Duken4evr 06-01-2003 09:52 AM

Re: Hit Before Even Riding, Heads Up to Newbies
My TL100S cost $40 a year to insure. No I do not have theft or collision on it. Too expensive. I insure myself. I can afford to crash/lose the bike and eat it instead of paying exhorbitant insurance. We have ourselves to blame. Too many squids throwing away brand new liter bikes they have no business being on.

Riding a GSXR1000, for example, is a rich man's game due to insurance costs. No, not to pay the rates, no way I would hand that money over. It is expensive as the only way I would do it is to buy the bike for cash and carry only liability on it. Crash it and I am SOL, but I am willing to write the check, ride well and assume the risk.

The only flaw in my cool plan (other than paying cash) is if some uninsured person in a jalopy car takes me out, wrecks my bike and injures me. Then I am screwed.

Ride well, that is the answer. Street riding is a high risk untertaking, make no mistake about it. Go in with your eyes open.

electraglider_1997 06-01-2003 10:08 AM

Where's KPaul alias Bubbleboy
Lots of tickets means high insurance. Unless, I suppose, you're KPaul the Bubbleboy with side airbags on your Cushman.

chingwaboy 06-01-2003 11:53 AM

try AAA
i insured my bike through AAA, it costs about $650 a year full coverage (excluding medical) for a 97 ninja zx6r. i'm 20 and live in los angeles, so rates should probably be around the same for you too. if you get only liability the insurance is really inexpensive. you need to get membership though, that doesn't cost much either, plus there's roadside assistance in case your bike breaks down.

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