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Buzglyd 05-30-2003 02:30 AM

Do I really need to say this?
SV650!! Put some peg lowers on it.

Concours! It's a great value.

600 Supersports! Screw your knees, the price/performance ratio can't be beat.

Used VFR! After you've ridden all the others you'll know this is the best.

longride 05-30-2003 02:36 AM

Re: Do I really need to say this?
You are cruel Buz!

HelterSkelter 05-30-2003 02:37 AM

Re: One more MOhawk Fantasy
Anything with an inline 4, all that real world power and torque will make you forget about your aging joints.

longride 05-30-2003 02:39 AM

Re: One more MOhawk Fantasy
If your trippin' on it, the Nomad would be my choice. It's got all the goods to go the distance in comfort. Bad price/performance ratio, and it isn't an SV650, but those old bones should be happy on it.

Hadji 05-30-2003 03:23 AM

BMW R1150R?
How about the R1150R? Or the Cruiser R1150C? Even better, how about a Moto Guzzi California? See for a recent test ride.

Singles and Twins, Baby! Singles and Twins!

Lowrez 05-30-2003 03:28 AM

Re: One more MOhawk Fantasy
I enjoyed riding my father-in-law's Nomad and would definately say it is one of the best large bikes I've ridden. I wouldn't want to take the twisties as fast as I would on a sport bike, but it'd be fun nonetheless.

As for the joints, I'd suggest doing something silly like yoga. I've found that a little regular practice really helps the knees and allows me to concentrate more on my riding and less on the odd sounds and feelings in my legs.

Captain_1 05-30-2003 03:43 AM

Re: The Goose is loose
The California is an excellent choice. Great handling + brakes, flexible motor and you can't beat the soul factor. You can also get a great deal right now on new '02 models (see I would buy one myself if I did'nt already own one. The BMW 1150R is another great bike (highly refined compared to the goose, but without the character) and the ergos are more aggressive (higher pegs than the old 1100).

How about a H-D Road King?

seruzawa 05-30-2003 03:54 AM

Re: One more MOhawk Fantasy
Screw the cruisers.

Speed Triple. Speed Triple. Speed Triple. Speed Triple. Speed Triple. Speed Triple. Speed Triple. Speed Triple. Speed Triple.......

Or a Bonnie T100.

Check 'em out.

sarnali 05-30-2003 05:00 AM

Re: One more MOhawk Fantasy
If you're trading in because of creaky joints DON'T get an R1150R. I'm 6'2 with a 32 in. inseam and glass knees and believe me if you're near those dimensions the R1150R will be a tight fit even with the "comfort" saddle. Other than that it's a cool bike. I spent alot of time in Triumph dealerships lately because I was interested in the Trophy 1200, I ended up with a BMW because I wanted to ride a twin for a while but that Speedmaster really caught my eye. You already have experiance with Triumph so I you like them get the Speedmaster. I'm going to ride this beemer for a few years and see what Triumph comes up with to replace the Trophy, then maybe I'll trade up. That is unless I can find one of those dandy SV650's for a good price..........

mcjunkie 05-30-2003 05:22 AM

Re: One more MOhawk Fantasy
>>Considering: Triumph Speedmaster, Yamaha V-Star Custom 1100 or Kawasaki Nomad 1500.Man that speedmaster sounds cool. I think it's that 270° crank that really does it for me.
Instead of the Nomad, have you considered the Mean Streak? I think it's nearly as comfortable as the Nomad and better looking by a lot. Love those bar risers on it. A buddy just bought one, and it is ergonomically perfect (for me @ 6'2") and has an really comfy seat. Also it has surprising amount of O.E. get-up-and-go. and it looks cool, did I say that already?

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