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wfowade 04-21-2003 12:52 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
Get the 'stich and be on your way! Everything else is just an imitation of the real deal. Go ahead and pop for the amor option-it will make your aerostich almost as worthy as a set of leathers, particularly for the street.

Pain_Seraphiin 04-21-2003 12:53 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
Ahhh, a topic close to my heart.

Little history. My ancestors had so much confidence in their fighting abilities that they would go into battle with nothing but their tattoes to protect them in battle. In otherwords, butt naked. That is confidence.

Likewise, if you have confidence in your riding abilties, then nothing other than the mandatory peanut helmet should you ware.

A suggest that you tie down your boys so they don't beat you to death as your riding, though.

Just my two cents.

steve_griffiths 04-21-2003 01:09 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
Personally I like having a variety - I live in Oregon, so I can go through 50 degree temperature changes and from rain to shine all year . Although leathers probably provide the best overall protection, if you feel the heat, you might want to look at They are out of Israel, and make a range of gear for the Israel heat (Kevlar and armor on lightweight cloth) that works pretty well.

longride 04-21-2003 01:16 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
I'd go with the best set of arm chaps money can buy. The rest is optional.

xmike5 04-21-2003 01:31 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
That's a lot of bike you got there for a 1st bike. My younger brother had the same first bike and he high sided into a mile marker doing 60 riding reasonably - thinks he hit a patch of something in the road. He compound fractured his right humerus (upper arm) and broke his big toe. He was wearing a Z leather jacket with full ballistic armor sewn that I gave him and a full SHOEI helmet. The jacket was cut off of his body by the medics and the helmet and the bike were trashed. He's fine now, but thank God hea was wearing the armor reinforced jacket and full helmet. Just be careful on that bike. It's very easy to get over confident, especially in the first six months to a year.

TatdNPrcd 04-21-2003 01:39 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
"I'm looking for the best combination of crash protection and convenience and comfort available."

Get the Aerostitch. The 1-piece is the most convenient and comfortable suit you'll ever own. My sole transportation is my bike. My wife has the 2-piece and its only advantage is she can seperate the two pieces and wear just the jacket if she wants. I have a good riding jacket I wear on the days I don't want to wear the suit. She wishes she had gotten the 1-piece just beacuse it's so easy to get in and out of.

They will custom make your suit to your exact measurments at no additional cost and the folks are great to work with.

The link below is from MOs own review and, if you haven't already read it, it's pretty good.

travisyoung 04-21-2003 02:11 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
You must be talking about winter gear, because flip flops and hawaiian shorts are all ya need in the summer...

but seriously, get something that includes direct reflect material...It really gets drivers' attention at night. Lights are not enough. Of course I live in Oregon and 6 months out of the year it's dark about 18 hours a day.

Lowrez 04-21-2003 02:14 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
Michigan weather also dictates that you pick your gear wisely or pick up a lot of it.

If you only get one piece of gear, make it a cordura jacket and overpants. If you can afford more, get a 1-piece 'stich and leather jacket. The Cordura is great for all sorts of weather and is fairly protective. Problem is, it looks dorky to 90% of the general public so you keep the leather jacket for when you're going some place and you care about your image. Personally, I wear my 'stich to work, family functions, the gym, and socializing. The jacket is reserved for picking up my wife when her co-workers will be around. Wouldn't want them getting the wrong idea of what kind of people we are. ;)

Steve781 04-21-2003 02:16 PM

Tough Subject
Picking a motorcycle is easy compared to picking your riding gear. Absolute statement: There is no one set of riding gear that will cover all riding situations. But the Aerostich roadcrafter comes closest.

Hopefully you are an average size. If you are very tall or very short you are SOL on good gear, unless you go made to measure. Short of an Aerostich, the best comprimise is a cordura/goretex touring 3/4 length jacket, (firstgear makes a good one) and a set of fabric overpants. In very hot weather (come visit Houston in August) I commute wearing a pair of Draggin Jeans and a First Gear mesh type jacket. Weekend sport riding you would want something more protective, like full leather.

I sometimes wear a schott cafe racer style jacket for short trips around town when I want to look stylish at my destination. Unlike most fashionable jackets it is made of very nice motorcycle grade leather. No room for armor though.

Overpants over slacks get unpleasantly hot at 85 degrees or hotter. That's when I wear the draggin jeans.

Boots? For plain simple protection get the Oxtar Matrix goretex or aerostich has a nice pair of alpinestar goretex touring boots that don't look like power ranger boots. Bates Fastlanes are very nice and very comfy, but not quite as protective or waterproof. The Frye boots ( I assume you are talking about cruiser style harness boots), while stylish, are probably going to be too stiff at the ankles for an SV. They also are not a captive fit boot, and hence are subject to coming off in a wreck.

Gloves? More is better. Look at the Icon TiMax gloves. Your Dianese gloves are probably fine. They make good stuff.

Helmet? Any one with DOT and Snell 2000 is going to be safe. Spend money for comfort and ventilation and graphics, if that is your style. Put in a Fog City anti-fog insert. Arai is very comfy and well built, but a bit louder than Shoei and HJC.

Metcalfe_500R 04-21-2003 02:22 PM

Re: Newbie seeks advice on protective clothing
nothing beats a good set of leathers. Dianese is a very good brand. They've got some wicked 1pc. or 2pc. suits. No offence, but those aerostich suits look rediculous to me.

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