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Default Re: Ducati Monster 620 or Suzuki SV 650 S?

What a really cool question. I went through this same sort of thing when I got back into riding a couple years ago. I love the SV650 - it's a great bike and absolutely nothing wrong with it. Except - you're going to grow out of it before it's paid off, if my son-in-law's experience with a Suzuki GS500E is any indication. BTW, I see some people have responded to your question with advice to get a GS500 and I have no argument with that, but they aren't importing them anymore (are they?)

You are getting some great advice from a lot of people and I'm at last starting to see the value of this resource.

My first bike - after a 25 year hiatus - was a used Honda CBR600F3 and it was great. I re-learned to ride and then opted for something with more low-end torque and bought a Triumph Speed Triple T509. Extraordinary bike, but sold that and bought a Monster S4. Not sure it was the right decision, but we'll see. I've had it 2 months and 700 miles.

There are no bad bikes anymore - but some are better than others. With either the Duc - and I'd suggest the 800 Monster instead of the 620. - or the Suzuki, you're going to outgrow it - quickly. Save yourself a little money up front - assuming you're talking about a new bike - and buy a little bit more than you think you need.

All this talk about Ducati maintenance is a bit of a urban legend. Ride the thing within its limits and you may never have to have the valves adjusted. And, oil is oil. the Monster's oil filter and drain plug are as easy as any bike's. They are very durable bikes when maintained properly.

Go buy what turns you on and enjoy it. Actually, if I were you - I'd go visit every bike shop you can and ride everything. You're a buyer and these shops, contrary to my experience at times - are not museums. Don't let these lazy cretins shove you around.

Bikes are fun, but not an absolute necessity. I think you're on the right track. If you want an SV650 - great. If you want a Ducati (and the posing factor is impotrtant to you) step up the the 800 or a left-over 750.

I'll watch these E-mails to see what you deicde upon. You won't go wrong, regardless...
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