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triumph900 04-11-2003 03:30 PM

Re: Bandit Problem
OK dad, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pee in the Cheerios. I just expressed an opinion, albeit an unpopular one. No harm, no foul, but, I think, allowable! Have a good weekend! :>}

Buzglyd 04-11-2003 05:27 PM

Re: Bandit Problem
Geez I can even set the clock on my ST4 without instructions. The whole notion of an Italian bike with a clock is hysterical though. The next time an Italian checks what time it is will be the first time.

sarnali 04-11-2003 07:32 PM

Re: The Highway MAXX
That's truely moving,, no really, and I mean that in the most positive way, one of the things I love about myself most is my sincerity, and I'm touched, really,,, Riding a Bandit for the last few years I've lost track of time as a concept, as you know the Bandit RIPS THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUEM LIKE A BORG WORMHOLE EVERY TIME YOU YANK THE GIGGLE STICK its possible to arrive before you left on a bike with so much power, the clock self-adjusts to compensate, another Suzuki innovation.

dwr461 04-13-2003 06:03 PM

Re: The Highway MAXX


The_Aerodynamic_Head 04-14-2003 06:22 PM

Re: The Highway MAXX
I missed it too and I wrote the d@mn thing.

Bandits are greats bikes, though. Not even "for the money." Just really good bikes. I'm torn between that and the ZRX1200. B12S has better wind protection, and easier to work on (hop up), but the Z-Rex fits better. either would be a great addition to the GS Adventure. I'll be looking for a light twin or a motoard to commute with first, though.

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