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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(

Have any of you been scrapped off the pavement by a CHP.I have and I was damn glad he was there. I'm a carpenter and drive a truck to work[room for tools]. Every morning I hear on the radio in the bay area,:motorcycle and car collision", "truck and motorcycle", you know who loses those battles and who has to clean it up. Their the good guys , I'm aware that there some morons out there,"I know some bikers who are morons", but by and large, they've got excellant training, and without them there would be a lot more dead motorcyclists. for me personally, my leg was crushed by a school bus and a black CHP officer held me down when my body confulsed out of control, I owe that guy.....20021150RSBMW
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Default I agree

"There is no justifiable reason that motorcyclists cannot split lanes here or anywhere else; if automobile/truck/SUV drivers don't like it, then they should all jump on a bike a shut the puck up!"

I agree. Everybody is trying to kill us and then they get mad if we get a good parking spot or make up a little time on the road. All the while we pollute less, use less gas, don't beat up the road, and actually pay attention to what we are doing on the road. When cell phone use while driving is illegal then talk about restrciting motorcyclists abilities.

I only lived in San Diego for five months, but lane splitting sure helped going north out of town. Now I sometimes have to ride into Seattle (another top five traffic crowded city) and all I get are the diamond lanes which are crowded with cheaters in cars (and are likely to be opened to all soon enough).

Sign me another bitter motorcycle commuter.
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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(

Last Thanksgiving eve I was going over to the Stockon, Ca area from San Leandro, Ca when the traffic just stopped dead half way up the Dublin grade on 580. I started to lane split and when a trio of other biker boys came up behind me. Then in the mean time I see a CHP on a Harley coming up on us and I felt we were going to get at least a warning so we all found a space between the cars and basically stopped with the traffic. But the Motorcylce Gods were with us. The CHP just pasted us and kept lane splitting. I thought, I have another 60 miles to go and did not want to sit in traffic so I just put my signal on and followed the CHP. Well sometimes we motorcyclist are like sheep. One by one the other bikers started to follow the CHP. It was sight to behold because by the time we hit Livermoore, we had 10 bikes being escorted by a CHP splitting lanes. The cars parted like Moses and the Red Sea. The CHP even got cut off by a woman in Camero and he hit his horn and pointed at her. I had to laugh. So I guess the point here is that I see plenty of cops split lanes and I have never been cited or warned so I guess I will have to continue and roll the dice.
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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(

I've always heard don't go over 5mph faster then the traffic you're splitting and stop splitting when traffic is exceeding 25mph. I certainly see alot of bikes going over that on my daily commute though.
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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(

Yeah I remember driving in So. Korea!!!! Nothing like driving down a country road and coming over a hill and finding a bus in your lane passing another bus on a hill! Bigger is better over there. When I was over there (Camp Humphreys 1987-8 you could get your drivers badge just for driving 10,000 miles without an accident. Not very many people made it. I made just over 4,000 without an accident and my tour was up, I felt pretty good about it.
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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(

As a recently indoctrinated MSF (CMSP to be more correct) instructor here in California, I can tell you there is nothing in the curriculum that mentions lane splitting. As was pointed out in a previous post, the concept of space cushining discourages the practice in a round about way. However, any mention of lane splitting by the instructor was a personal view he was sharing with the class and should not be considered MSF policy.

On the other hand, as an avid lane splitter myself (westbound Caldecott Tunnel at 5pm on a friday is murder in a cage), I would fight the ticket just on general principles (most of which have been very nicely pointed out in other posts). Of course, if you don't fight it, you will certainly be attending traffic school, so...
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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(TRY TO FIGHT!!!)

In my experience most officers are descent people with descent judgement. Unfortunately the ones we deal with most are those whom, because of poor judgement, ticket every perceived infraction. These types are more concerned with the letter of the law than with it's *intent*. In this way all officers get a bad reputation. THE LAW is no substitute for common sense (which isn't so common these days). That goes for cops as well as riders.

Without more information I can't say whether this rider has a good case or not. Either way my advice is to CONTEST! There is as excellent post by a former officer further up that describes some options. Good luck!!

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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(

Two lane splitting stories for you. Once I was slowly riding my old XL600 (an excellent urban assault vehicle by the way) and some guy in a Toyota mini truck who did not like the fact that I was making forward progress opens his door on me. I stop just in time and avoid an accident.

At this time I believe it is appropriate to point out that without fail I lane split with two fingers covering the front brake lever, which greatly shortens reaction time.

Anyway, he closes his door and I let him know he is an ***hole and move on. My buddy behind me was not so charitable. He did a perfect Karate Kid maneuver on his rear view mirror and took it clean off. Hehe.

The other lane splitting incident involved a lady in a Mercedes who literally put the squeeze on me. I was slowly lane splitting by in hellish LA traffic and she starts moving over. She has nowhere to go as I have a car on my left too. I beep my horn and accelerate to clear out of there. She moves back away, but then just up the road a bit her lane was moving better and she catches up to me and starts squeezing me again. she clearly knows I am there and all I can determine is that she is messing with me in some twisted way.

Of course the thing to do was to get away from her, which I did with due dillegence, but not before I planted my foot dead center on the "weak spot of her driver's door, causing a s nice dent.

I guess if you ride in Socal long enough (17 years) you see everything...
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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(TRY TO FIGHT!!!)

Lane splitting in Germany is a big no-no. I have seen the bikers sitting in the pouring rain in a "stahl" (traffic jam), and not going forward by splitting. My friend from Oz took his bike over there, and freaked everyone by splitting the traffic.

On the other hand, 200 km/h cruising is way cool....
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Default Re: Lane Splitting Ticket :-(


i had to attend traffic school for speeding and while there the instructor covered lane splitting. the gudlines are: traffic flow 25 mph or slower and you can go 5 mph faster than the flow. if you were following the 15 mph over the flow the officer may have thought you were being reckless.
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