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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

oh.. and got on a refresher training course. It'll be worth it...
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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

YZF600R...an absolutely great bike. The bike does everything well and is far more comfortable than any of the more recent race replica designs. Up till about 8k rpm it actually makes more power than the R6, which makes for a great street bike. The only other bike on your list that would be compelling (at all) to me would be the B1200 if just wanted pure unbridled torque...but that is about it. The YZF is better in just about every other category when compared to all of the bikes you just listed. Biased? Of course! I own a '00 YZF600R (preceded by a '98 ZX6R) and absolutely love it. Great (for a sportbike) passenger accomodations too.
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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

I would suggest the SV650 Suzuki to both of these gentlemen, they are simple, reliable, light, have plenty of power, carry two people just fine and if left in stock form get about 60 miles to a gallon of fuel, last but not least, they are cheap! P.S. The S model is sportier but not as comfortable.
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Default Re: News flash: Longride suggests inline 4

Why would it be hard for me? There are bikes for every taste and purpose. Not to rip you, but I wouldn't call someone stupid for any choice they made, nor would I classify bikes(or cars) without riding them. I suggested a bike that fit his criteria. Nothing more, nothing less. I own a 2000 ZX9R currently, and the last time I looked, it was an inline four. I wouldn't be caught dead on a Nighthawk, but for this guy it would fit his needs perfectly for quite a few years. I put tons of miles on CB750's back in the early 80's, so I know that it's good reliable transportation at a good price. I was going to suggest a Shovelhead stroker chopper for his first bike, but I figured the tank range might have been a bit small.
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Default Re: Disagree a little bit

The plain SV650 has tubular handlebars which are easily replaceable for taller riders. Plus without the minifairing you can put on a variety of handlebar mounted windshields . Plus the plain SV650 is cheaper.
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Default Fuel Mileage...??

I know the SV650 is a pretty great bike, but what about fuel mileage, this guy is looking for a range of 250km minimium (150 miles)...from what I hear that's beyond an SV. Anybody who has one care to comment? The fuel range is the main thing that's keeping me from buying one.
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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

My recommendation is is kawaski zr-7s. I rode on my 19,000 miles in 19 months. The bike has decent suspension, good midrange, I hardly have to downshift to four on the expressway, tops at 130 miles, gets just under 50 mpg, last time I rode 210 miles and I still did not have to use reserve, there is optional hard luggage, tires, bridgestones bt020 last me 10,000 miles, insurance is cheap - $200 full coverage per year 500 deductible in my case. The only negative is 6000 miles valve adjustments intervals. I was told that after first two adjustments one hardly needs another one.

I got my 2001 zr-7s for $5,900 out the door and I know you can do better then that.

Good luck

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Default Re: News flash: Longride suggests inline 4

I was thinking about a Boss Hog V8 for him but suggested a Ducati ST2 instead.
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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

As a comment to JavaDragon from a fellow Canadian, dealing with what is available here.

I'd certainly try for a used bike if possible, because the price/value relationship is excellent. The difficulty in Canada is that you just can't always find what you want locally or even when you want it. (Spread out country, limited supply).

I have 4 main bikes, all of them suitable to your needs in different ways. I will rank them in order of preference.

My assumption is that you are on paved roads or heavily travelled gravel roads which up here are just like paved roads if you stay in the most travelled part.

1) Honda ST1100. Probably the most bulletproof ld bike out there. Tough to find in Canada without looking, but has big range, carrying capacity, decent power and handling, and goes forever. Lots are out there in the ld community with over 200,000 miles.

2) BMW R1100GS. A good one will just fit into your range. Needs more attention to service, but on a wide variety of roads it is an incredible machine. With Jesse bags and a top case and an aeroflow shield it carries more than any other BMW, and has the same wind protection as the fully faired bikes. Too heavy for real off road, but lighter than other touring bikes.

3) Honda VFR750 or 800. I got my '96 VFR two years ago for $6500 Cdn. Great all round bike especially when you put Givi's on it. A real keeper!

4) Honda PC800. These are rare in Canada, but they are a sleeper. Put a taller windshield on one and ME880's and you'll get 25,000 km on a set of tires, no service headaches and a very comfortable ride for those 8 hour jaunts. Cruises all day at 130 kph which is 30 over the posted limit in Canada and too fast if you want to keep your licence, so it is a real practical alternative.

5) Kawasaki EX500. I know the SV650 is neater, but you can find these EX's for $4000 with no significant use on them. Lightweight, cheap to run, great fuel range and relaxed riding position.

All of these are capable bikes and will run up the miles with no worries. Some of them will leave you with money for heated vests, good all weather gear, (get a 'stich) and luggage. Then you have money left to burn for all the gas you are going to use.

Although many of the cruisers are reliable enough, most lack range because of smallish tanks and the seating position is not comfortable after several hours.

Just my opinion, but one based on lots of 1000 mile days, in all kinds of weather from snow to 115 in the Mojave.

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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

It is a tough question because buying a bike is a very personal choice. Still I would like to recommed Suzuki Intruder Volusia.

As for JavaDragon requirements:

1) Volusia is a VERY comfortable bike. All cruisers are suppose to be confortable but this one is really comfy. However keep in mind that for such long periods of time you may need a custom seat (Corbin or Mustang). They are around 400 US $ and up but a lot of people use them and say it was well worth the extra expense.

2) tank is 4.5 US gal and you can expect around 50 miles/gal so a range above 200 miles (320 km) at least

3) It feels faster than 42 HP. I went with 90mph and I still had power left (I think max speed is a little above 100).

4) It is a 500 lb bike but it handles very well (for a cruiser).

5) Is US you can buy it at 6500 US $ (including everything). That is a fair price (forget about MSRP + taxes who pays MSRP at cars ?).

For this price it looks like a bike three times more expensive. It took very good reviews (no. 1 in Cruiser Magazine), good in Cycle World and also read www.mo.com review

Has a lot of canadian owners, check www.volusiaowners.com You can find from there how many people are happy that they have this bike.

It is not the fastest, best performance, cheapest and so on but has a very good price/performance ratio. And that is all about : the price performance ratio.
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