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Agent0090 12-13-2002 02:11 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
Hey guys, I'm struggling with the same question with simiar requirements here in the U.S. (I'm 6'2" tall.) Right now I have an 82 Nighthawk 750 which I love, but is getting old. I'm looking at the following new bikes: Katana 750, Bandit 1200, new Nighthawk 750 (CB 750), ZR-7, ZZR 600, or a YZF 600. I think the most expensive on the list is the Bandit at US$7000, and almost all of them are available used, as well. Good luck with your decision and we're gald you're riding.

cyclesteve 12-13-2002 02:33 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

I would suggest you look at a used VFR 750 (1994-1997) or VFR 800 (1998-2002). Possiblly the best all around bike of all time. Very reliable,good power,comfortable for 1 or 2 up and able to do sport riding.You will not go wrong here.


dean_1 12-13-2002 02:53 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

gceaves 12-13-2002 02:53 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
A Honda Transalp is the only solution.

I paid KRW 4'000'000 (about US$ 3'125) for a 2001 model, a 'grey import' from Japan. The 400 cc engine is smooth, the seat is comfortable, the tank is ample, and after-market modifications are available online.

I've toured down to Pusan, over to Cheju island, and around the mountains on the east coast. The bike can carry a tent and sleeping bag, as well as a change of clothes and a flat of beer.

Normally I only carry thin female passengers, and only for short distances. But the bike is also capable of taking two buddies at the same time home from the bar.

Go for a Transalp.


Seoul, Korea

BMW4VWW 12-13-2002 04:18 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
Renato and Java Dragon, think about acquiring a BMW R100 GS. It is still possible to find these bikes in good condition and if you ditch the painful stock saddle for a Corbin seat you can ride all day in comfort. I have owned over 30 motorcycles of all types and makes. trust me the GS is the true Swiss army knife of motorcycling. You can tour with the commodius luggage options offered for this model. The old air head motor puts out adaquate power, and the older GS although heavy by dirt bike standards it can still serve as a dirt trail explorer, and is worlds lighter than the newer paralever models. These bikes (especially the PD version) have well over 200 mile fuel ranges. As for comfort you can vary your foot placement from the stantard postition to the rear pegs, and the stock crash bars. Hey these bikes handle well too, the wide handle bars and narrow tires make for instant lean angle. I have suprised many sport bike riders on the less than race track quality mountian roads here in northern Califorina. The best testament that I can give is that I was constantly buying new motorcycles for 25 years, but since I bought my GS in 1991 I haven't even thought about replacing it! BTW these things last a looong time, and are very easy to service. Good riding. VWW

sqidbait 12-13-2002 04:28 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
The last time I checked ( about 3 years ago, when I lived in British Columbia - I live in Northern California now. :-) ) the Nighthawk wasn't available in Canada. If it was, it'd be my first choice.

Why? Standard, competent motorbike with hydraulic valves.

If your nearest dealer is 6+ hours away, I'd strongly suggest not getting anything too exotic or maintenance intensive. It'd be a real PITA if, for example, you had to make special trips to the dealer twice a year to have the valves adjusted. And just imagine the nightmare if your dealer doesn't have parts and the bike has to stay there for a couple of weeks! Yikes!

Motorcycles also go through tires much faster than cars. Unless you change your own ( or get the local HD dealer to do it for you... if they will ) I'd steer clear of the more powerful bikes.

If you were in a larger city, I'd be more lax about maintenance requirements, but if you are way out in the boonies, then I think that's a primary concern.

I don't personally like HDs, but if you have a local dealer, maybe a Sportster is an option?

You won't be able to get anything larger for $10K Cdn.

Used bikes are a possibility, but depending how far you are from one of the major Canadian cities, pickings may be very slim.

-- Michael

GreyOne 12-13-2002 04:40 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
My present bike a 1999 VFR800. Any pre 2002 should fit the budget and all of the other criteria. My previous bike was the YZF600 and I consider it to be the best bike for the dollar I have owned. Both bikes are bullet proof, comfortable, reasonable 2 up and pleasing to the eye after the honeymoon period is over.

EbonFlame 12-13-2002 04:45 PM

Re: Disagree a little bit
I'm 6'0". and I'd have a tendency to agree.

For the price, the SV-650S is the BEST sport / combo bike I've EVER seen (though I admittedly haven't ridden tons of 'em.), but I find that, for longer rides, I find that the 'half a sport bike" pose that you must assume for decent wind protection becomes tiring.

Still, though, for USD6,200 or less, it's an AWESOME bike. At a local dealership, there are three last-of-line '02 SV-650S's for USD5,700. That's the funnest, fastest bike for the money I've heard of.

ltcmdr 12-13-2002 04:47 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
Renato- Look at a Suzuki V-Strom.

JavaDragon- for two up comfort, reliability, price, try a Suzuki Volusia.

Ask any owner of these two bikes, don't just count on the write-ups, although most reviews are overwhelmingly in favor of both bikes.

neko 12-13-2002 05:22 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
I agree with your comments on the dynamic virtues of the airhead GS, as I put 30,000 miles on a '95 GS in 2 years. Comfy, fun and satisfying. If you are mechanically adept, they are easy to work on, BUT the old airheads were notorious for having weak/iffy electrical systems. I finally sold my GS after being stranded for the 4th time with electrical failure. Subsequent Hondas have never let me down.

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