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Default Recommendations for me too?

I am also looking for a new motorcycle and am out of my element. I am a relatively new rider, about 6 years, and I am moving to South Africa come Feb. of 2003. My current bikes have all been older Kawi's that I fixed up and rode. KZ440, KZ1000LTD were my last rides.

I am looking to step up to something along the lines of a trail bike but also good on the pavement. I have seen the BMW GS series, Triumph Tiger, and a couple of similar bikes and am little concerned about seat hight since I am only 5'8". Are there any SA local's out there with some experience or at some models that I haven't seen yet? I would welcome any opinions.


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Yes, I do ride one, so you can underdstand why I suggest it. Let's address what you said you wanted:

Range- well over 200 miles if you're easy on the gas, and even if you aren't, you'll still get at least 200.

Comfort- I'm 6'3'' and it fits me just fine, and I can do all of those 225 miles in total bliss.

Power- Not only does it have great power and big torque stock, but you can bump it up an extra 10-15 horses and a good 10 ft. lbs. for an insanley small amount of money(500 bucks gets you that extra 10-15, just e-mail me for details, I did it).

Twisties- Buddy, if you want a sweet handling ride, this is it. Flickable, tossable, stable, accurate, and just plain lovable.

Price- I found a 2001 model in perfect shape for under $4000. Even a brand spankin' new one is less than $6200. Insurance is very cheap too. I'm 18, male, and pay about $20 a month for FULL COVERAGE.

Reliability- If you can make this break down, well.... damn, cause you are one mean SOB.

Passenger- Crank up the preload and take off, 'cause the pillion seat is just as comfy as the pilot's.

Bonus- Consider yourself lucky, Suzuki is coming out with a new style this year, and it looks every bit as sexy as the last one. Think Ducati, only more comfrotable and way less expensive. The SV also has an enormous aftermarket following, so just about anything you want to do is within your grasp.
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Default Re: KTM, BMW, etc. - Singles and Twins


I would also endorse the KTMs -- my only reservations are:

1) As I stated in my earlier post, I have assumed that you are relatively inexperienced. From my brief riding experience on the KTM Duke, I feel it might be more suitable for an experienced rider, and could be too demanding. It seems to want to ride on either the front or rear wheel -- great fun, but easy to get in trouble!

2) Unless you have an exceptional riding partner (maybe one who is into S&M), or are looking to get rid of your wife/girlfriend/etc, I am not so sure that I would recommend taking her very far on the back seat of the Duke. The Pegaso or BMW 650 have much better passenger accommodations.

Oh yeah, if something in that genre is what you are looking for, another bike you might consider is the MZ Baghira (may go by a different name in Europe) -- basically is is a "soft" supermoto. Actually, there are several versions, with either larger diameter dirt-type tires/wheels or more sport-oriented 17 inch. This bike is powered by a 660 cc Yamaha single. This bike falls somewhere between the Pegaso/BMW and the KTM Duke -- more sporting than the Pegaso/BMW and more comfortable/practical than the Duke. At least in the US, the MZ is cheaper as well.

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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

The SV would be an excellent choice, the worst thing that can be said in CRAP! suspension components. A low milage VFR800 is a better choice, a true do-it-all bike that you will never "outgrow". plus you get legendary HONDA build quality.
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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

Forget the Corbin. For comfort get the Suzuki gel seat.
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Default Disagree a little bit

As a 6'3 person, and my girlfriend owns an SV, it will *NOT* do a 6 hour ride for a tall person. She has the 'S' and I'm used to riding sportbikes, and although I love the SV as a fun bike for riding around, I wouldn't go for a ride much over an hour on it. The windscreen is way too low, and the tank is too short to really get down under the windscreen.
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Default Re: Recommendations for me too?

Hi Milo

Most of us here are Americans -- but maybe some RSA residents lurking about will have something to post.

I have not been back to beautiful South Africa for almost 7 years, but I used to spend about 4 weeks a year there on business -- unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to ride a motorcycle during those visits. It was always one of my favorite places to visit, and the people there are the most friendly I have ever encountered.

It sounds like you expect that a significant portion of your riding will be on unpaved or poor quality roads (of which there are many, as I recall). If your riding will be primarily limited to fairly well graded dirt or gravel roads, a BMW GS or something similar could be good, although, unless you need a lot ground clearance and suspension travel, the R1100R (or new R1150R) works at least as well, as the lower center of gravity makes it easier to handle -- probably even more so as you are not too tall.

I don't know just what bikes are now available in RSA, but you might want to consider the following:

For light-duty off-road/bad road conditions:

Big BMW GS/Triumph Tiger as you mentioned -- would be great for paved roads and good unpaved ones. Weight and high center of gravity could be a challenge in low traction conditions.

MZ Baghira -- as I mentioned in one of the above posts. Not sure if it is sold in RSA. Probably smaller dealer network, although Yamaha powerplant should be OK for parts and service.

BMW 650 -- several variants are available. Much lighter than the big GSs, work well on pavement, but less comfortable for long rides on pavement (not bad though) -- should be pretty good parts service availability

Aprilia Pegaso (dunno about availability)

For less pavement, more severe offroad conditions:

KTM Adventure

Any of the big Japanese Dual-Sport bikes

I would try to ride any of these you are considering, or if that is not possible, at least sit on one in the showroom to see how the ride height works for you. As you are a reasonably experienced rider, you may not have that much problem getting confident with even the taller bikes.

Good luck with your move and in choosing a bike,


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Default Forgot to add V-Strom

I meant to add (in the general catagory of the GS and Triumph Tiger) -- although I have not ridden one myself, I hear great things about the new Suzuki V-Strom -- I believe that there was a good review here a few months ago.
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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

I'd recommend the 1200S Bandit, good handling, comfy, good wind protection, and the air/oil cooled GSXR based engine has a nice broad powerband thats good for just motoring around, or you can open it up and cover some serious mile's, plus the bandit or SV650 for that matter, are inexpensive to get into and reliable as bricks, and the bandit has screw/locknut adjusters for the valves, so you can do most of your own maintainance, that's a plus if the nearest dealer is 160 mi.'s away, or as stated earlier any older BMW would work also.
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Default Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...


I have the Seca II - Diversion (although now I spend all my time on a CBR600F4). I'm 5'6" and the Seca was perfect for me -- I'm guessing it would be a little small for you. It's not a great bike for carrying a passenger unless that passenger is light. If it fits you, you can ride all day on the Seca in complete comfort.

In Europe, don't you have the Diversion 900? I understand that it's a little bigger and has a shaft drive; I believe you also can get hard bags for it. You might want to look at it.
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