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TheBob 12-16-2002 01:29 PM

Re: Disagree a little bit
I'm 6'4", and I have to agree, the '02 SV is just too small for tall people. I can't ride my g.f.'s for more than 45 minutes before I start to get cramped. That and the fact that your height will put extra weight on the front forks, which with the factory oil just can't hold under braking (not even extreme braking, just the normal kind).

That said, I think the '03's are a little bigger, they've definately improved the leg room, and the SV1000S is just a sweet, inexpensive machine. Fully adjustable suspension is nice too.

The_Aerodynamic_Head 12-16-2002 02:48 PM


The_Aerodynamic_Head 12-16-2002 03:04 PM

You know, ol' Jay McDaniel (sp?) on The Interactive Motorcyclist, compared the R-bike you mentioned to the ZR when the latter bike first arrived. Tell me, what were your impressions of the two. In the Spring, I may be selling my Road King for cost reasons and these are still two of my big choices for a replacement bike.

steven_1 12-16-2002 04:16 PM

Re: I like the Bandit...
Sure I'll take an Ascot.

ltcmdr 12-16-2002 04:46 PM

Re: I like the Bandit...
Funny, I had a VT 500 Ascot. It was a love/hate relationship. Curious as to why you're giving it away?

milo 12-17-2002 06:44 AM

Re: Recommendations for me too?
Thanks a lot for the input. I am also american and am a little out of my element concerning the markets there. I was hoping to catch the stray south african, you never know.

Thanks again for your input. It's helpful.


wodin 12-17-2002 04:19 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...

crazybike_37 12-17-2002 06:52 PM

It would behoove you to research what you're talking about before you post a comment. Exhaust, Airbox, and Carburetion modifications for a cost of under $500 gained my 2001 SV650S a total of 10 rear-wheel horsepower and 9.5 ft. lbs of torque. For your own sake, do some shopping before you buy any more parts for your bike, and some study of internal combustion theory and basic motorcycle engine mechanics will help you alot in understanding how to get more form your motor without just buying pre-made parts for it. If you would like some information on where to find a great full exhaust system for an SV, just e-mail me. True, peak horsepower doesn't reflect a gain of 10-15 horsepower, but the seat of the pants sensation obtained from the fattening of the midrange makes it feel like every bit of a 25% improvement. Also, a few of my modifications were not just bolt on parts. There are a lot of things you can do for your bike other than just buying stuff to install. It's also satisfying to know that some of the added performance you feel from your bike was the result of your own mechanical skill and knowledge.

zxr250cc 12-18-2002 12:42 PM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
I lived in Japan for years and traveled all over the main island on a 1991 400 cc ZZR 400. It is the ZX6E in the US, 200 more cc's, same frame. I have a 2002 ZX-6E now (and a ZX-12R) and it is an excellent travel bike. It has been getting 53-56 miles per gallon with switch to reserve at about 193-196 miles.

It will easily cruise at the speeds you mention and it is good for a passenger. You might want to change to heavier fork oil and perhaps change the fork springs if you weigh much over 200 lbs.

If you want, it would go cruising over 180 kph with ease, as it was clocked in England at 155 MPH for top speed.

60,000 km = 36,000 miles, approximately.



david_l_sumner 12-23-2002 04:58 AM

Re: MO Readers ask which bike to buy...
Except for the 2-up requirement the KLR650 is looking good. 50mpg with 6.1 gal tank, go anywhere. US$ 4999 new. May work depending of passenger mass.

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