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Default Re: Pirelli Propaganda

Less impressive than the Michelin annoucement.

I will say I saw a squid bust his ass on some new Pirelli race tires. They had absolutely no grip at cool temps. It was hard like wood when I helped him pick the bike up. Of course, that was 2 years ago, and things change.
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Default Squids

No one, not even Michelin, makes a tire so good that a squid won't bust his ass on it.
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Default Re: Squids.

We squids can drop a bike anywhere, for any reason. Why, once I dropped my bike because my attention span had..........
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Default Re: Squids.

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Default Re: Pirelli Propaganda

There is no way in hell you can get a DOT racing tire up to it's intended operating temp. on the street. It cracks me up when I see riders with dot racing tires on the street. {Hey their race tires, I'll go faster}. The tires on my street bike were shot and I was running low of coin, So I tried some of my race take off's {dunlop 208gp} on my street bike {2000 zx9}, and they scared the crap out of me. I went up the Mt. Saint Helen's road here in WA. it's about 30 miles of great twisty tarmac, On my street 207 ZR's I could really push and they stuck great. I would get a couple of mild rear wheel drifts, great fun. But the takeoff's never warmed up I tried to pick up the pace after going 5 or 6 miles and scared my self silly, had about a 10" slide with the front. After I stopped and changed underware, I rode very sedately back home and went to the bike shop, they said try the new street pirelli's. So I had them put some pirelli dragon evo's on. They are by the way great tires, I Like them better than the dunlop's. Oh the DOT take off's only had 4 10 lap {about 70 miles} races on them so they were not fried, They were about 1 month old. The morale of the story, Not a thing. If you use DOT racing tires of any brand on the street, make sure your insurance is paid up, eventually you'll need it
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Default Re: Pirelli Propaganda

I don't know about their racing tires. I DO know that their supposed sport/touring rear tire I bought once got only 6500 miles vs. the 9000 miles I got out of Dunlop 205s.
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Default Re: Pirelli Propaganda

I have no experience with race tires, but on my full-dress tourer, I have the Pirelli Route 66 - Much better than the Dunlop 491 in my opinion - only thing missing is the RWL!

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Default disagree

if you run your tires at race pressures, they come up to heat pretty quick. I race on the Supercorsa SC2's and all you need is about a lap. The same is true for the street, if I lower the pressure, the extra deflection heats the tire right up and it's ready for fast riding. I've only had 1 slide ever on Supercorsas on the street, when they were new and inflated too hard.

I think you are assuming that cornering loads are the only thing that heats up a tire, and this is not true.

I will say that a race tire can take less abuse overall than a street tire. My Supercorsas harden up like hockey pucks after a few track days. They still stick good enough for decent street riding, but they slide after they've been abused a little on the track. This is a characteristic of race rubber compounds. Dunlops are the same. Perhaps you had worn out tires?

D207 street tires SUCK. Period. If you could ride faster on them than D208GP's, there was a problem. These came stock on my R1 and were like ice. The first tire change was D207GP's and I would NEVER say I had less traction with them than the stock tires.

So I must be one of those people you laugh at. No worries, I'm faster than you too.
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