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Joseph_Betor 05-02-2002 08:38 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
Counter-steer. If you can't bring yourself to push more on the inside handlebar, pull on the outside. Bikes will safely lean over a lot farther than most inexperienced riders are willing to try.

sportbike_pilot 05-02-2002 08:53 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
Agreed. As long as the pavement is dry and clean it is nearly impossible to lowside a bike in most streetriding situations. It will seem counterintuitive, and requires some practice, experience and concentration, but countersteer for all you are worth and hang on. Your bike will get you through. Watch the roadstripe though. Those things can be slippery enough to lowside you by themselves.

In the event that you do lowside (gravel, wet pavement, WAY too much cornering speed) that is usually better than the alternatives: highside going off the opposite shoulder at speed, etc. Experience and mileage will help season your judgement here.

One time I was riding a mountain road at a brisk pace on wet pavement and encountered a car (drunk driver) in my lane at the apex of a curve. I actually went wide and got around the car on it's passenger side, but I don't recommend this approach.

Best of luck to you.

12er 05-02-2002 08:55 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
Jump on over to or whatever your favorite book store is and pickup / order Twist of the wrist II by Keith Code. Granted there are numerous other good books on the subject but this one helped me the most. Like the above post just push harder on the bar and lean over to where you think it could never go. Dont do anything abrupt like hit the brakes or slam shut the throttle. Especially if you touch your peg or something else down. If you let off or hit the brakes when something is scraping you change the balance of your suspension and cause your bike to bottom out even more. Also your "Freezing" is what Keith refers to as your SR's or survival reactions, they are not in your best interest 90% of the time. Rule number one though is not to ride over your head. Never ever ride fast on a new road, and never ride fast over a familar road for the first pass of the day. Gravel, oil, rocks you name it can be in your path when you least expect it. Ride safe...

SeanAlexander 05-02-2002 09:02 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
Please don't take this the wrong way, but SLOW DOWN. Ride at a reduced pace, until you are more comfortable with and understanding of the dynamics of riding a motorcycle at speed. There are MANY things that effect the rate of turn of motorcycles, and MANY ways to change the rate of turn mid-corner. Countersteering is #1. It is something that you should practice (and then practice some more) Stated at its most simple level, "countersteering" is the act of turning the handlebars LEFT, to make the motorcycle lean/steer RIGHT and vice versa. For example: If you are leaned over to the left and need to lean farther/tighten your line, apply more pressure (pushing away from you) to the left handgrip. Other things that will help, are to Look through the corner and gently reduce throttle. (lets not discuss inducing oversteer via wheelspin in this lesson)

12er 05-02-2002 09:04 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
Luckily the driver was drunk and didnt do the normal reaction to swerve to the shoulder. You lucked out bigtime! But I hear ya, we all have been there at one time or another. The only thing that gets you through is quick reactions and the knowledge to do what is needed. Read all you can and slowly apply what you learn. Also dont take everything your riding buddies tell you as gospel, Ive heard some crazy things out there on the roads.

SeanAlexander 05-02-2002 09:11 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
P.S. If you are Dead or Severely Injured, you will be quite a bit slower than you are now. Taking your time and not attempting to be a "hero" will make you a better, faster, happier rider in the long run.

P.P.S. If you're a new rider, trading your CBR in on a good Dual Purpose bike and spending some time on both the dirt and the pavement, will pay huge dividends.

yogre 05-02-2002 09:13 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
While you are countersteering to tighten the turn, make sure you look away from the truck (or whereever you think you are going th crash) and look deep into the turn. It has been proven many times that the motorcycle will tend to follow your gaze as you steer it subconciosly towards where u are looking at.

Mr_Duck 05-02-2002 10:43 AM

Re: How do I change direction while in a turn?
Wow. Look well ahead into the turn & not just infront of the bike, this will help your balance & reduce your tendancy to go wide. Counter steer (ie pull on the outside bar, push on the inside) & get the bike leaned over. Keep the power coming on gradually, not too low a gear that will be too twichy, a gear that is appropiate for the exit, at which point your powering up will slowly stand the bike up for the coming straight. Never brake when committed to a hard turn, rear brake will slide & high side you, front will definetily slide out & your toast. Keep the bike balanced. You've got more rubber at the back so hence a little acceleration to keep a little more weight on the rear. Balance balance balance & smooth.

Most important if you panic, look well into the turn, add a little gas & lean the bike over. It will work. Trust me.

PS. I used to work at Akrotiri ever summer for a month. Great place & fab brandy sour.

Hadji 05-02-2002 11:05 AM

Das da fact, Jack!
I wholeheartedly agree. I had been out of motorcycling for a while and wanted to get back in. I picked up a '96 Suzuki DR350 Dual Sport and dusted off my motorcycling skills. The DR felt fast to my old and rusty reflexes, but I adjusted. Now, my '02 R1100SBX feels fast to my new, reconditioned reflexes, but had I gotten it first, I probably wouldn't be here making this comment. Motorcycling is a learned skill which no one is born with. All skills fall under the use it or lose it rule. Take the time to develop your skills and practice, practice, practice.

obiwanrazzy 05-02-2002 12:30 PM

Don't look!
Too true!

I've caught myself fixating on objects a few times and invariably I end up riding straight to them. My 1st (and only so far, knock on wood...) accident was caused by 1) going too fast into a left turn and 2) not countersteering enough because I was 3) fixating on the painted line that marks the right shoulder; that place where all the gravel ends up. I low-sided instantly when I went over the line and touched gravel.

I was lucky with only a couple bruises and some shredded gear. You are wearing gear, aren't you? Please say you're not riding in a t-shirt and shorts...

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