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Pacer 02-19-2002 09:34 AM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
Catherin Zeta Jones (RSV Mille)

granny 02-19-2002 11:11 AM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
A word of warning, Ducati bikes are high maintenance, for example, on the pre-testretta heads, the valve lash must be checked every 6000 (10000 Km). So if you don't do the maintenance yourself, Ducati's can be a bit expensive to ride on a regular basis (though they are perfectly fine as commuter bikesd, I ride my 916 to work). As far as the riding is concerned, some people in the know think that 90 degree V twins like Ducati's and Honda VTR's are easier to ride fast than the four cylinder bikes, Matt Mladin states "I remember that when I rode the Ducati in '97, it was so easy to win races on that bike that it was a bit of a joke. We didn't win the championship, no doubt... we had a lot of mechanical failures and tire problems and you name it. But when I won races, it was easy. I'd sort of wait for five laps to go and take off by a few seconds." Bottom line, get what you want. If you really want a Ducati, buy a used 1998 916, more grunt for less dough than the 748 (and the 916's are less expensive having been devalued by the later bikes). But keep an open mind, you might really want an R6. You would do well to ride both before buying. As for me, my next bike will be a 998S (but not with that horrendous "Bostom Special" paint scheme).

granny 02-19-2002 11:20 AM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
I agree, motorcycles are inherently irrational which is why I am so drawn to them. On the other hand, very few of lifes decisions are based solely on logic and reason which is exactly what makes life so worth living.

Joeanon 02-19-2002 02:27 PM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
So far this has been a great discussion because I'm facing a similar problem... I have several years of trail-riding experience but I'm about to buy my first street bike. I've narrowed it down to two choices: Suzuki SV650 or Ducati Monster 620. A friend who has owned a Ducati has said that the Suzuki is a better bike even at less cost. Several other postings at MO also support his opinion. However, I have a very strong emotional draw toward the Ducati that will be difficult to break by most rational arguments such as money and performance.

One thing that may break my emotional decision to buy the Monster 620 is that I live in the country, nearly 75 miles away from the nearest Ducati dealer, who is also located in a scummy part of the city. If I found myself spending too much at the riding my bike to the dealership for valve adjustments, etc. or (God forbid!) towing the bike for repairs, I'm sure the romance of owning an Italian machine would lead to heartbreak, just like the beatiful girl that goes out on one date with you, then says "let's be friends" next time you call.

With my situation in mind, I'm really interested in hearing from any Ducati owners who would advise me to purchase Suzuki over the Ducati, or who have strong opinions that I must have the Ducati regardless of the cost/inconvenience of ownership. Thanks.

Bryan8252 02-19-2002 04:21 PM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
I wouldn't argue with your reasoning here. As they say in the car business--there is an ass for every seat. How true. I didn't mean to sound acusetory, I am just personally of the opinion that there are way too many people who get into later life and have missed the passion that goes with owning and riding one's dream. If one dearly desires a 748ss, then there is not a Honda or Yamaha anywhere that will ever scratch that itch. Go with your heart and emotions. There is no other feeling like sitting at a light on any Duc in my view. Ride well and safe.


Benji_2 02-19-2002 05:25 PM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
I don't own a Ducati, but I have an SV. I will tell you this, I don't regret buying it and I love Ducatis. If the 620 had 6 gears and more power I would say go for it. The debate between the R6 and 748 is slightly different because the 748 (especially the R model) has some things about it that are actually better like the chassis. You're also comparing a twin versus an inline-4. Both the 620 and SV will sound pretty much the same (if you get an SV you must get an aftermarket pipe, the sound is worth it). The only thing the monster has got over the SV is looks and that's a matter of opinion, not that it doesn't count. I like the way the duck looks better but I think the SV looks pretty good. If you were considering the S4, I would definitely say to get the duck. The 620 isn't worth it to me.

dnakase 02-19-2002 07:39 PM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
Buy the SV650s, then a lower faring, Renagade underseat dual exhaust, (they just went into production BTW), and fit the monoposto rear from a 916 (available with mounting hardware some where on the internet.

My phylosophy is you can never have too many motorcycles or spent too much modifying them. However you need choose wisely and in the SV vs mini-Duc the SV is much better.

I have a '92 ZX-11 and and SV650s. I plan to keep both skip a few meals, new cloths, shelter and some other non-essentials so I can buy either a 998 or an R1, then but the one I didn't buy, after skipping some meals....

sarnali 02-19-2002 07:52 PM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
your absolutly right my friend, that yaller 900 SS is raw sex on wheels," telepathic" performance ( I like that one), drop dead looks, real world maintainance schedule that you can do yourself, definatly at the top of my list when I get tired of flogging the crap out of my suzuki, you betcha. buy me one too.

dnakase 02-19-2002 08:02 PM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
If you want a reasoned answer, (I know, wrong thread), buy the motorcycle, regardless of horse power, who's handeling will help you evolve into a more competent rider.

To dive into the sexually overt portion of this disscussion... the Super-model better be a pretty damn good ride if she expects you to support her in a manner befitting her *****-Goddess status. If Ducatti was just a pretty face do you think they'd have the following they enjoy?

But yah know, some times the skinny girl just tries harder... and because we are talking motorcycles, V-twins in particular, buy an SV650s, learn to ride it up to its potential. Only then might you be worthy of a 748 or 998.

Me, I own an SV650s, I'm old and have a bit more money than brains so I'd buy a Ducatti just to take out to track days.

Grappelli 02-20-2002 04:15 AM

Re: Tough buying decision made tougher
Buy the bike you want, not the one you think you should get. I've taken this approach all my life, not that I buy many expensive things. But I keep the things I want for a long time. It ends up being cheaper, amazingly enough - 'cos I don't replace them so often.. if ever.

Think of this.. how long do you want to keep the bike? If it's 2 years, then maybe the Yam's a good idea. If it's 5 or even 10 years, then in 10 years time, do you want to be riding an old classic or an old rat bike.

Let me give you an example. I'm lucky in that I can have more than one bike. So one of them is for taking off for a week or two at a time on. I wanted a Paris-Dakar replica for this. The only choices I had were the Triumph Tiger and the BMW R1150GS. The Tiger was about $11k on the road and the GS $16k. But this is a bike I want for a long time and although I do love that triple engine in the Tiger, it's not what I really wanted. So I paid the extra for the beemer. (Shaft drive and no dive in corners on a big trallie - great) I'll keep that bike for a long time. But if I'd bought the tiger, I'd be getting pissed with the looks and the chain and the furry fasteners and the rotting spokes and, and, (and yes I have owned a old generation tiger before the beemer)

Buy the Ducati, man. If that's what you WANT.

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