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Bear in Florida
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Lightbulb V-Rod Hell in Paridise

I got some leaking of what looks like coolant from the right side of engine,I took the exhaust off and am about to open it up to check the gaskets,any suggestions or tips please send um.thnks Bear
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Check hoses and any external coolant-lines and fittings thoroughly before ripping-into the engine. You might save yourself a ton of time and frustration.

Other than that, I got no real advice, as I don't know jack about the V-Rod.

Good Luck.
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The Toad

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Wash the engine off and dry it. Then start the engine and watch carefully to see where it leaks. You might save yourself a ton of trouble.
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Easiest first! Like Seru said.
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Default Gunnar, Tempeck, Ernesto and Rozhov Ecuador

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Default Leon, Volkar, Rocko and Oelk Bulgaria

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Default Porgan, Kulak, Lester and Murak Luxembourg

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Default Sibur-Narad, Zapotek, Sigmor and Mazin Jordan

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