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Originally Posted by calnite22 View Post
I've been to a couple dealerships and sat on both the sportster and dyna models. The sporty felt just fine to me (of course I will need forward controls b/c of my height). But all every salesman keeps saying is that I will "outgrow" the bike in a year and I should just go ahead and get the bigger bike now. Thoughts?
Are you dead-set on a Harley? If not, then look at the Buell lineup. If so, then I would suggest a Dyna Wide Glide. I'm your same size (minus 40 lbs) and for me, the Dyna Wide Glide felt best. The Wide Glide isn't made any more but some used ones can be had with low mileage. The Sportster lineup felt way cramped for me, with one exception - XR1200.

As other posters have already mentioned, because this is your first bike, then I would recommend learning on a Kawasaki KLR 650. Buy a used one, ride it for a year then sell it for a Wide Glide or other Harley.
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longride is the resident expert on bikes (including Harley's) for big guys. I'd listen to him. Also doesn't' Harley still have that trade up program for Sportsters? You can always trade up when you figure out what you really want.
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"But all every salesman keeps saying is that I will "outgrow" the bike in a year and I should just go ahead and get the bigger bike now."

'Outgrow' how? You gonna get bigger in the coming years? Your ego may outgrow the Sporty, but considering it is cheaper, lighter, faster, and handles better than the 'Big Twins' then I'm not sure what there is to 'outgrow'. Salesman are there to sell what they make the most money off of. I think you can figure it out from there.
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I appreciate your help! I thought that was probably what was going on.
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Same consideration as any bike-buying advice...

Buy the bike YOU want. They make a bazillion different Harleys. Figure out what you want to do with the bike, then buy the one that can perform that function the best, and the one that fits your ergometric.

6'6" is not as important a measurement as the length of your inseam. Most tall guys have a problem, as most bikes lack space to put their legs.

Then, go find a used one! There are pre-owned garage queens for sale all over the place.
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I'm 6"6 with a 36 inseam, Most Harleys are out due to the seat being 2ft or less off the ground. Whatever Harley you end up with better have a windshield as our long arms will put all your weight on your tail bone and you'll be holding on for dear life in an 70mph headwind. Then every bump is jacking your spine directly. Buy a KLR, ride the wheels off of it, after the KLR a Harley will handle like a pig. You may find you no longer desire a harley after getting some miles under your belt and riding a few other bikes. So buy cheap and see where your riding career takes you. Buy all the riding gear, if it costs too much, price a skin graft.
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Ride as many as you can, go to rallys, the best bike for me won't be the best for you!!!!!!!!
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