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8inchover 12-01-2001 02:32 AM

Re: V-Rods at dealers this week
Innovative? This bike would have been innovative in 1978. I say this because the 79 Honda CX500 had more technology than this thing. The cx will rev to 10,000 with pushrods even.

starvingstudent 12-01-2001 08:58 AM

Hell's Angels
In his autobiography, Sonny Barger says that, despite the image of his gang, he thinks that the Honda ST1100 is better in every way than a Harley-Davidson. So much for "the faithful."

starvingstudent 12-01-2001 09:11 AM

Depreciation isn't the whole story
Let's say you've got $30,000 to burn and can buy either a $30,000 bike that doesn't depreciate or a $10,000 bike that does. If I buy a $10,000 bike and put $20,000 in the bank earning, say, 4% APR, then 20 years from now, I've got a cheap motorcycle and $44,000 in the bank. On the other hand, if I spend all $30,000 on a motorcycle that doesn't depreciate, then 20 years from now I've got a motorcycle worth $30,000 but no money in the bank. Which makes more sense, if both bikes are equally fun?

Now let's compare a $10,000 bike and a $20,000 bike, plus let's say that your bank is hard on me and only gives me 3% APR. If I spend $20,000 on the HD, 20 years later I have a $20,000 bike. If I spend $10,000 on the "other bike," 20 years later I have a cheap bike and $18,000 in the bank. So even with those less favorable statistics, the "other bike" is still just as good of a financial decision.

CarsSuck 12-01-2001 09:25 AM

That's a great bit.
He actually says he wished the angels had switched to japanese bikes when they started making big bikes, but that now it's too late. I also know of some angels in CA that ride beemers when they're not wearing colors. What was funny was to see the Harley Krishnas' reactions, even suggesting he was joking, jerking peoples' chains, or temporarily insane when he wrote it.

CarsSuck 12-01-2001 09:32 AM

That's not true.
Everyone DID go nuts for the VTX, with the same figures as a big inch aftermarket harley without the excitement. I'm not a harley fan, but those big Merch and S&S motors with over 100hp and 100 ft/lbs are a kick. The VTX is just a boring neutered version available from a dealer and people made a big fuss. The Vrod's certainly more exciting than that. Not an engineering feat at all, but as far as vmax comparison it's got most of the power with half the cylinders and less displacement, and a real frame.

NickdaBrick 12-01-2001 10:02 AM

Re: V-Rods at dealers this week
Man, I wish I was a Harley dealer. It would be like printing money. I'll bet they don't even care that their V-rod was beaten by a Kawasaki in the latest MO powercruiser shootout.

NickdaBrick 12-01-2001 10:05 AM

Re: V-Rods at dealers this week
Are you in some kind of parallel universe or something? It ain't gonna happen in this one.

longride 12-01-2001 02:01 PM

Re: V-Rods at dealers this week
Man if the jealously and crying get any worse, the page is gonna be wet and green real soon. HArley came up with yet another winner and everyone is pissed. To get that much emotion from a motorcycle shows they still know how to build em. Wonder why MO didn't report when the Beef Steak was hittin' the showrooms? LOL Keep flamin all. Just shows ya care!

Patrick-of-the-Hills 12-01-2001 03:02 PM

Re: V-Rods at dealers this week
The first one in the area showed up at the dealer on Tuesday, and I saw it on Wednesday under deeply leaden skies that made it look very 21st-century. (Nice effect if you can get it.)


1. Looks good; high-tech and industrial without being the least bit bland, a lot like a Monster S4 crossed with a Low Rider crossed with a Mac Powerbook G4. Limo-like length. Looks better with someone riding it; the shapes balance out better with the rider involved.

2. Too quiet, even with the Screaming Eagle pipes they had fitted already.

3. Lots of very stout cast-metal pieces all over the place. Built to be dropped from an airplane without a parachute. How much does this thing weigh again?

4. That weeny little "fuel tank" (the codpiece between the seat and bars) is sort of a puzzle point. You know it's too small to hold gas, it looks a bit like a skullcap, but I'm not sure what kind of better solution there is.

5. Didn't get to sit on it, but it looks very habitable, especially for big Midwestern types. Instruments are overdone but functional, and the rider's position looked stretched out but not awkward.

I'm in the same camp with those that admire it greatly, but aren't necessarily interested in owning one.

superbikefan 12-02-2001 07:04 AM

Re: V-Rods at dealers this week
Excellent questions, Mr.Stormcloud- you hit the heart of the matter. Although rhetorical, your questions communicate exactly what's going on here: it's the simple fact that H-D is making this product that accounts for the major interest in it, NOT the specs or product performance by itself.

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