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Default Re: Dyno Chart, V-Rod Style

First Post!?

Well, there are going to be a lot of people that are going to hate it because it is a "sell-out" by "Honda-Davidson", but those heads must come out of the sand, people. The air-cooled engine is on its way out, thanks to the greenies.

'Course, it is very difficult to get anything like the power shown on that chart from an air-cooled v-twin.

I'm curious who is going to buy this thing, and at how much over the already scary sticker.
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Default Amazing!? Why?

"Displacing 1130 cubic centimeters, it's really quite amazing that this cruiser is able to pump out 107.8 horsepower and 74 foot-pounds of torque." Why? V twin sport bikes do the same or better all the time, and from smaller displacements. Why is this special or amazing? I like the new Harley look, but my head is still in sportbike country when dyno time comes. How are they going to attract sport customers with these numbers?
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Default Re: Amazing!? Why?

Well, first off it isn't a sportbike. You don't normally ride a cruiser the same way you ride a sportbike. The beauty of the V-Rod is that you get the look and ride of a cruiser (assuming that's what you're into), but you still have more than a bit of power to lay down when you want it.

Besides, now cruiser types can blow away from people at stop lights, too.
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Default Re: Dyno Chart, V-Rod Style

I dunno but those torque numbers look pretty good along with that high HP for a crusier. But I will never... I repeat NEVER buy a Harley. Theres no way they can make up for the way they've marketed crap technology in the past and charged outrageous ammounts for it. Hell I doubt I'll ever buy a cruiser. Maybe a Guzzi. Screw Harley.
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Default Re: Dyno Chart, V-Rod Style

The only numbers that are going to interest me are first, the 1/4 mile times, and second how fast the motors are going to start falling apart for one reason or another.
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Default Sleepless nights

I don't know about the sleepless nights. As good as the Harley may be, you'll probably have to be on a waiting list to buy one for WAY OVER list price. If the Japanese big four can continue to keep thier big cruisers priced $10K less, they still have a big market.
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Default Re: Sleepless nights

Priced $10K less? Deadeye, take a look at the price of the VTX or some of the other new "power cruisers" and redo the math. And just in case you have forgotten, this difference is only short term. Because when the time comes to trade it, it'll still be worth what I paid for mine (I was the first one to get to my home dealership last Thursday when the bike hit the website, and I got mine for sticker...) There isn't a Japanese cruiser out there (including the mucho-hyped VTX) that can say that. Hate it all you want, but this one is going to lay a hurtin' on the Japanese power cruiser marketshare every bit as large as the Reagan-era tariff did on all large Japanese bikes in the mid-80's.
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Default Re: Amazing!? Why?

These numbers are actually competitive considering what there target market is. Someone considering a naked muscle bike might opt for this if they had the cash. Remeber, the original Kawasaki ZRX1100 only made about 95hp. The newer ZRX1200 only makes about 115hp, and that's a inline 4. Bandit 1200 is similarly powered(about 107 hp). Those bikes and the Harley are big muscle bikes where torque is just as important, if not slightly more than peak hp. Also, consider the Suzuki TL1000s only puts out about 106hp. I'm not a cruiser fan, but that won't stop me from appreciating a good engineering effort. Even if I did like cruisers, it's too expensive for my taste, but you can't dictate another man's profit. If Harley can get 17 or 18 K-bucks for it, good for them.
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Default Re: Dyno Chart, V-Rod Style

Reliability would be my next concern as well. My friend's 2000 Road King had the shifter lever fall off. Give me a break - 17,000 for a bike that parts fall off of? For that kind of money, I don't want any reliability concerns. That said, I am happy to see this bike from Harley. I say to them, welcome to the 21st century (or really the late 20th century). HD bikes will be making 130 hp at the rear wheel in a few years (and Hondas will be hovering over the ground - for 5000 less).

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Default Re: Dyno Chart, V-Rod Style

Does anyone REALLY think that the V-Rod is worth that kind of money? We aren't exactly talking about a Bimota here. That kind of money is ridiculous. Motorycycles have to be one of the cheapest vehicles (besides bicycles) to produce. There is absolutely no way that bike cost 18K to make. Even worse, how much more than a Sporster do ANY of Harley's bikes cost to make? Last time I checked Sporsters were dirt cheap.

THis is a fantastic motorcycle, but since when has a domestic manufacturer supposed to be MORE expensive than imports. This is like GM charging more than Honda. (I like Hondas better by the way )I am not impressed with Harley. I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this bikes looks. If Harley's trying to expand it's customer base then this is one guy who might be buying a Harley in the future. But not at that price. I could get a Sporster modified to get pretty damn close to that level of performance for a lot less. Not really apples to apples, but you get the point. Harley needs to produce something based on the Sporster. Sort of like the V-Max but with a Twin. And not a Buell product. Those guys realy have to get it together. THey are so close but they insist on that stupid exhaust, and some sort of Kit Car styling. Bring it on Harley!! Drop the Easy Rider, Biker Gang styling and build more prooducts like the V-Rod!
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