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Default Re: The Harley 100,000th

Maybe I read Wendy Moon's blog too much but it's not in HD's interest to fail riders in the course. Failures may become discouraged and not buy anything from HD in the future.

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Default Re: Another thing Harley was out front on

You know those bogus studies that say women earn 77% of what men do?

If that's true, they're overpaid.
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Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer are praising the Supreme Court for overturning an anti-gay-marriage law that they both signed.
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Default Re: The Harley 100,000th

Actually, I thought the RC51 WAS a clone of the Ducati Superbike...........

(i.e. a "if you can't beat 'em, spend lots of money to have them beaten" kind of clone)
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Default Re: The Harley 100,000th


I didn't make any such accusation nor did I mean to imply that connotation. H-D doesn't need my blessing to make as much money as they can in any legal way that they can.

My comments were in response to the altrusim that dripped from the P R release.

Around here, the couple of small companies that provide very similar beginner training courses charge - on average - $100 less for what appears to be the same curricula while providing Honda Rebels as training vehicles.

I agree that all manufacturers should and could do more to grow our sport, training and education being key issues here.

Nevertheless, I'll stand behind my prior questions.
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Default Cost of Rider's Edge

You stated that Rider's Edge costs $300. Here is a quote from the H-D website:

"The cost of the New Rider Course is determined by each participating dealership, and ranges anywhere from $195 to $350. Remember, the price includes the use of a Buell® Blast® motorcycle for class riding sessions. So check with the dealership of your choice."
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Default Re: Cost of Rider's Edge


I was aware that the dealerships have considerable leeway in setting prices. About three months ago a buddy who wanted to become a new rider asked me recommend a school for him.

Here's what I found within a roughly 100 mile radius:

Dealer A: $300

Dealer B: $325

Dealer C: *see below

Company D: $195

Company E: $210

*Dealer C did not directly quote a cost. The applicant apparently could reserve a spot in an up-coming class and then could visit with the dealer to complete the enrollment process. There was no reason for me to follow up on that option.

My friend went with company "E", has completed the course, and bought a used 650 as his first bike.

If it ever stops raining around here, he's promised to show me some of the things that he was taught in school if I share a little info I may have gleaned over the past 40-odd years of riding experience.

I consider that to be a very fair exchange. Attending a school myself would be a better option, but this will have to do, for now.

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