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Default Re: New MO Poll/Survey

It's a step in the right direction, Harley Davidson is now on the verge of producing a bike that is firmly in the early 1990's, technology-wise. still, as long as it has that 50's tech sportster motor, it's still a polished turd, no matter how chromed and shiny.
Lance Lau
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Default Re: New MO Poll/Survey

Being no fan of worster engine I would still say that it could have a chance. The bike does not look bad at all.

Even more importantly US dollar was six years ago 1.20 Euros, now it is 0.77 EUR. Thats a 36 % cost advantage without lifting a finger. If you keep bringing the democracy to Iraq sooner or later HD will have lower production cost than Kymco.

They really should "detune for torque" the V-Rod engine and give it to Sporsters, Buells and this thing.

- cruiz-euro
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Default Re: New MO Poll/Survey

It has the rubber mountings, circa 2004.

- cruiz-euro
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Default What the current sitch?

So, what's the current situation with your bike? How did you like it (when you were able to ride it)?
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Default Just not good enough

Hey, it looks great, but the above comments are on the mark. Looks like a bit like a naked Bandit, but a clean used naked Bandit would kick its butt all over the place and at a third (a quarter?) of the cost, and look good doing it. As would a naked, SV1000, and an FZ1, and you get the idea.

This is a 1977 XLCR redux. That bike is now a valuable classic for the very reason that no one bought them in 77 so they had to give away the few they made before they aborted the whole project.

Harley has painted themselves into a corner called We Make Cruisers, so its a good thing it's a lucrative corner.

Even if they handed this off to Eric Buell (not likely), that tractor motor is only good for 90hp tops in peak trim, and while that's more than enough for most people (whether they know it or not), it just can't hold a candle to FZ-1's making a buck-thirty plus with torque, handling, range and comfort to match.

Harley was fortunate that the planets (Reagan, Stallone, Schwartzenegger, Bruce Springsteen, stock market, general patriotism and the EVO motor) aligned at just the right time to save their company. And they ran with it to great effect, so props to them.

But what they constantly refuse to understand is that they are LIGHT-YEARS behind the Japanese and Italians in the technology and development departments, and while a small, select number of people might pony up big coin for the XR because it says H-D on it, it's basically still a glossed-over Sporty that looks nice and goes slow.

I'm sure it would be a nice bike. I like Harleys. But for the money 999 out of 1000 buyers is going to say 'neat' and then buy a Ducati Monster.

Until HD parts ways with the A/C v-Twin at this level or decides to put real R & D behind the V-Rod motor, it's going to get thumped all day long.

And I'm spent.

Old, maybe. Slow, never.
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Default Re: New MO Poll/Survey

Everybody knows that the Sportster line is only for girls or for guys that can't afford a "real" Harley. ;P
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Default Re: Just not good enough

I would add German bikes as well...For what I would spend on a Harley, I could buy a BMW and we are not including dealer convenience/extortion fees...Fortunately, I don't have that much cash to spend on a bike.
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Default Re: New MO Poll/Survey

Lemon Law the Buell and by this Sporty, this thing is the bees knees. It's what Sporties should have been. The billet an chrome credit card dumb ***** 's will still deride it as a girls bike as they spend an additional $5k trying to make their bikes keep up with it only to bite the banana trying to keep up with one in the twisties.

Buy this bike airdale, it's got yer name on it.
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Default answer...

Because it is cool. It has an innate characteristic that a 6 or 8 yr old would look at and say, "coooool!"

It's got all the stuff to make it easily rideable as an only bike, enough power (did I just say that? I must be getting old.... O.K., and adequate ammount of power. Yeah, I can live with that....) adjustable bits and pieces, and it will stop friggin traffic.

I ride an XB12S Lightning, and it gets a lot of attention from riders of all descriptions AND non riders alike, BUT I think this thing would be a really fun conversation starter. I think it would be as big a hit proportionally as the 2005 Mustang was for Ford. It would bring the Harley faithfull, the new riders, the older new riders, and others to the showroom. The only problem would be that they couldn't make them fast enough. From a marketing perspective, I don't understand how they could NOT build it.

So sayeth the ROB.

Rob Priday

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Default Re: New MO Poll/Survey

This bike just doesn't offer anything that we couldn't have bought a long, long time ago from another manufacturer. It may be a step up for HD, but it would be a step down for current riders of similar bikes already on the market, especially when you consider what you get for what it's likely going to cost. Since HD's are already expensive compared to other motorcycles, I just don't see why this bike would be an exception. I can't get myself to buy into the whole Harley image, as much as I'd love to buy American. It just seems like a shame to me that people are enabling HD to produce antiquated motorcycles for such high prices. To me, HD is really taking advantage of the loyalty of it's purchasers by not giving them more for their money.
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