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mscuddy 10-26-2006 07:16 AM

Re: Trade you straight across...
Probably the same mechanics who worked at Glendale Honda back in the 80's.

sarnali2 10-26-2006 07:27 AM

Re: Exception vs. Rule
If it's any help, my bud's XB9R runs like a Frenchman and he's not overly gentle with it....

For the Lemon Law in Wa. it has to be in the shop 30 days within the warrenty period, then they deduct a buck a mile from the value. It does work though because the shops here would rather call it a trade in so they can sell it as used instead of getting the state, factory etc, involved an sticking it with the Lemon title

anrajala 10-26-2006 07:51 AM

Re: Trade you straight across...
Can´t be them, they went to work for the Bulgarian state circus. The fat one is the giant squirrel leaping the flaming hoops

- cruiz-euro

Buzglyd 10-26-2006 08:29 AM

Re: Exception vs. Rule
Runs like a Frenchman!

Only a Brit could come up with that line.

mscuddy 10-26-2006 08:33 AM

Re: Exception vs. Rule
It's so confusing here in the peoples republik, but it goes something like this:

1: Has to be in the shop three times, under warranty for the same problem, that the shop/dealer can't fix.

2: Involves a lawer.

Number 2 is aptly named btw. It's still got another year left on the warranty, so when it comes back this time, I hope they've fixed it for good. If not, it ends up sleeping with the fishes somewhere about a mile off Palos Verdes.

anrajala 10-26-2006 09:20 AM

Re: Exception vs. Rule
Buck a mile? So if it has been run, say 15k miles, ypu´ve got to pay the shop to keep the lemon?

- cruiz-euro

ksquid 10-26-2006 09:48 AM

Winning the war on bullies
I know a heck alot about more about forest fires than a "retired" city fireman who has never lived outside of his Chicago neighborhood. What company were you with? why did you leave the department? See I can get nasty like you Bully . [i]I was always the kid that stood up to bullies sometimes I lost the battle but I always won the war.

ksquid 10-26-2006 09:50 AM

Re: Exception vs. Rule
trade it. I got kpaul feeling about this. The fouled plug thing is on the net all over the place.

sarnali2 10-26-2006 10:19 AM

Re: Exception vs. Rule
no, if it's still under the warrenty you can keep taking it back and trying to have it repaired. You just loose the option of them buying it back. The type of issues the lemon law is designed to deal with are problems that come up right off the bat that you try repeatedly to solve. After 15k it's going to be more of a gray area as to weather it's a defect or wear and tear.

ksquid 10-26-2006 10:20 AM

Re: Exception vs. Rule
City "real" fireman are lost without their precious water.. Try puting out a 12,000 acre fire that makes its own weather where the nearest water source is 50 miles away. Or even the more typical scenario I was on intial attack crews where you flew into to fire by helicopter (heliattack) and you were expected to knock down a 5 acre fire with only chain saws, pulaskis (has an axe and pick head), and a shovel. You have only have a crew of 5-10 people. Oh yeah lunch dinner and breakfast are C-Rations or MREs and you sleep on the ground for days on end. You guys are dorks.. By the way an acre is about the size of a football field.

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