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Buzglyd 07-20-2006 06:58 AM

Re: Harley Q2 Results
I bought my first H-D in '96. I wish I would have bought some stock to go along with it.

Probably should have done the same thing when I noticed everyone in the gym wearing an iPod a few years ago.

Fenton 07-20-2006 07:17 AM

Re: Ok I'll bite.
My wife has some sexy electric....never mind.

seruzawa 07-20-2006 08:32 AM

Re: Ok I'll bite.
Well, I guess when Tyra Banks' EV1 cought on fire and burned her house down that GM figured to cut their losses. Apparently several of those EV1s experienced spontaneous combuxtion

Jiffy 07-20-2006 10:40 AM

Re: HHMmmmmmmmm.... I smell conspiracy....
I thought it was the lower prices that wally world offers that made people shop there. God forbid we want stuff cheap.

longride 07-20-2006 11:26 AM

Re: Harley Q2 Results
"Logically speaking, it is impossible for the good times to continue forever. KPaul may be wrong about the date, but there *will* be a downtown for Harley in the future, the question is simply when."

I suppose that 'logically speaking' that mankind will be extinct one day from the earth. It's pretty much a matter of when, isn't it? Might be tomorrow, and it might be 100 million year from tomorrow. Anyone that predicts such will certainly be correct. Being 'right' about the obvious is easy. Being right at the right time, is hard. In life, timing is everything, and KPaul couldn't find a clue with a road map.

The_AirHawk 07-20-2006 04:46 PM

Re: Harley Q2 Results

My Dad was looking at a '70 HemiCuda Convertible back about '78 or so, could have picked it up for the exorbitant amount of $2700. Just couldn't bring himself to assume that much debt (but I was with him when he was shoppin' it - *I* could tell he wanted it, but a 7y.o. hasn't [m]any resources).

Now, that 1-of-11 car is worth somewhere near two more decimals to the right.

He also considered putting $1500 in Wal-Mart stock, on a tip from his youngest Sister (who was working for Sam at the time). Didn't want to "put out" his family on something so risky.

Mind, I'm not grousing here: Dad did for his Family First and Foremost. This is just something to point-out that, "If we only knew what the Future holds", we'd all be Millionaires. Or more.

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance.

What have you to lose by buying Harley stock, even now? If the price continues to rise, even if the market sours - surely someone that pays as much attention to Moto-related items as the people on this forum would be able to see the Writing on the Wall? And so what if it *does* sour? It's done it at least three times in *my* lifetime, yet THIS RIGHT NOW is indeed the "Golden Age of Motorcycles".

Go ahead, I dast ya!

nesbit 07-20-2006 05:28 PM

Re: Harley Q2 Results
Guess HD's profitability continues to confound the nay sayers. Apparently, Willie must have gotten my advisory letter. He convinced Ziemer that it really was essential that HD increase engine cubes and performance to remain competitive with the import cruisers, and that the 6-speed trani needed to be the new standard. HD dealers will lose some aftermarket sales on the Staged 1550 upgrade and 6-speed trani conversions, but that's the price they pay for the competitive advantage. How nice to finally be able to get the staged motor and trani without paying for them and get it all as factory standard with all the confidence that goes with it in comparison to a dealer install. Lastly, while the Sportster was essentially EPA mandated into standardizing on EFI, this is going to take the already explosive Sportster sales and boost them dramatically because of the improved performance and reliability. For those who question how long HD can sustain this kind of growth, the "new" Sportster will continue to fuel entry level purchases and long term big twin upgrades. I look forward to MO reviews on the new 96" and Sportster motors. Perhaps it's time I got back on a Sportster myself. It's been about 35 years. Anyway, congrats HD on smart and responsive marketing. If you built it, we will come!

ksquid 07-20-2006 06:35 PM

Re: Harley Q2 Results
I thought the Sportster didn't get the new engine .

uberhawk 07-20-2006 07:02 PM

Re: Harley Q2 Results
That little puppy costs $100,000 and uses 6,831 laptop batteries that need to be replaced after 300 charges. Which means it'll cost about $68,000 to replace the batteries at current prices.

Read all about it

I doubt Harley is worried...

nesbit 07-20-2006 07:12 PM

Re: Harley Q2 Results
EFI has replaced carbs across the entire Sportster line. There may be some minor mods to the 04/05 motor to accomodate this, as the 07 specs show max torque remaining at about 80lbs, but now peaking at 4,000RPM, an increase of about 500RPM from last year's 3500RPM.

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