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teknoman 10-07-2005 07:49 AM

Re: Do you hate HD?
You hit it right on the head

SRMark 10-07-2005 07:56 AM

Re: Harley Stock Down Over Six Percent
Your mother is supposed to use the vibrator.

seruzawa 10-07-2005 07:57 AM

Re: Message to Longride
Hey, MO is the place to go if you want to see hatred of motorcycles and motorcyclists.

I've yet to see how someone putting on leather clothes and cruising down the road is harming anyone who doesn't like to do that themselves. Don't people have anything better to do? Are they so insecure that just seeing something they don't like puts them into a frenzy? Pretty sad, really.

seruzawa 10-07-2005 08:02 AM

Re: Harley Stock Down Over Six Percent
Hey, HD hasn't been "sticking it" to anyone. No one is forced to buy or own a Harley or any other bike. If you are upset over HD's "overpricing" blame the idiots who belly up and pay that stupid pricing. I'd bet that if someone offered you $20,000 for an old rusty Toyota in your backyard youwouldn't hesitate to take it.

SRMark 10-07-2005 08:06 AM

Re: Message to Longride
I should certainly hope they are looking at these comments. Where else could they get such a good focus group?

teknoman 10-07-2005 08:08 AM

Re: Harley Stock Down Over Six Percent
Can I put a different spin on this?I work in the medical field and I get a lot of bikers in for testing,and a lot of them ,in fact the majority are harley riders.Number one let,s get rid of the stereotype that they are [1] racist [2] elitist.Now some may be when they are in that "herd" mentality when riding,but to a man or woman ,when I ask them what they ride "brother or sister", they open up,their faces change ,and they start to talk about their bikes.I,ve been invited on rides[I,m black],asked why don,t more blacks join harley rides.[racism and elitism runs both ways I tell them] and generally get tips on where to buy stuff.True I have gotten that "you don,t understand etc" from some ,but not the majority. Now what I will watch is harley,s new marketing ploy, which will be targeting minorites and women.Dimes to donuts ,I bet they are going to build a sports bike.Overpriced sure,but just like blacks have been associated with cadillacs,some whites love harley.It,s the name for them and that,s cool with me.It,s not my money.Just my 2 pennies.

seruzawa 10-07-2005 08:16 AM

Re: value
In dragracing the bikes are categorized by the amount of air they pump. More smaller cylinders at high rpm can pump as much air as fewer large cylinders.

Personally, I prefer that standard to the straight displacement standard used in most racing.

All of these standards and rules are entirely arbitrary and not divinely commanded by the Vroom, the Great God of Motorcycles as so many people apparently think. A 600cc engine that gets 100hp is not "superior" to a 600cc engine that gets 50hp.

Don't for get that even in MotoGP the bikes with more cylinders are required to carry more weight. Hardly the "level playing field" that so many people claim.

By the way, HDs get pretty good mileage which does make them more economical that 30mpg Gold Wings.

seruzawa 10-07-2005 08:22 AM

Re: Manufacture More Than You Can Sell.....Investors Sue
Tell investors that you can continue sell all the bikes you make when you know you can't....

Sounds like normal business practice for a publicly traded company to me.

Buzglyd 10-07-2005 08:27 AM

Re: Message to Longride
I think longride forgot you were a GPTB member.

jvbruce 10-07-2005 08:27 AM

Re: Harley Stock Down Over Six Percent
Stock down 6%? Big deal. It could be up 6% in a week. Very few stocks have moved upward in the past year. The market has been generally crummy for some time. Regardless, it seems apparent that Harley is facing a few challenges. Here's my idea. Maybe Harley should market to a new crowd. Instead of reveling in their association to long-haired, tattoo-wearing, butt-crack showing, leather-clad (so-called) 'rebels', maybe Harley needs to go more mainstream. I wouldn't buy one for the simple fact that I'd find myself associated with a bunch of followers dressed in leather chaps and skull caps. And what's with those stringy, studded leather accessories? Does anyone really like that crap? James Dean, Elvis Presley, and the Hell's Angels are dead. It's time to market these bikes to people who shave at least twice a week and who wear something other than black T-shirts with goofy pictures of wolves and eagles emblazoned all over.

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