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SRMark 05-27-2005 02:09 AM

Re: Harley-Davidson Back in Court
Would it be ok if the those companies produced bikes up to 700 cc?

pdad13 05-27-2005 02:11 AM

Re: Harley-Davidson Back in Court
Wait a second, the NHRA V&H "V-Rod" and Muzzy "Buell" are using S&S race motors. Now H-D is suing them? Yes, the lawsuits are about production motors, but it's kind of funny that H-D is financing the racing efforts, using S&S motors, and suing them at the same time. Oh, the irony!

nokneedragin 05-27-2005 03:05 AM

Re: Harley-Davidson Back in Court
Isn't this the same company that had the genius idea to try to patent the potato fart potato fart sound of the v-twin motor.

And arn't these the guys that sue any small business that dares to use hog in its product name.

Sue first ask questions latter is HD's moto.

longride 05-27-2005 03:56 AM

Re: Harley-Davidson Back in Court
It is ironic. Harley should have had S&S develop the race motors on their coin, and then just copied the design without buying any motors from S&S. I wonder how S&S would feel about that?

HelterSkelter 05-27-2005 04:08 AM

Why is everyone surprised?
Regardless of y'alls feelings towards Harley, why is everyone surprised about this lawsuit?

Would any of us even raise an eyebrow if one of the Japanese big four or BMW or Ducati sued a company that was violating thier patents? I think not.

sarnali 05-27-2005 04:50 AM

Re: Harley-Davidson Back in Court
I've wondered for years how companies like S&S and Delkron got away with copying Harley designs. Harley has always sold complete engines so really they are giving away a percentage of their market, specialy now that they have the Screaming Eagle line of cams and valves and carbs. I'd have sued them a long time ago.

(spell check please, Eddie....)

nweaver 05-27-2005 04:51 AM

But WHAT patents?
The bloody engine design is archaic, what patents have NOT expired?

maxriderdon 05-27-2005 05:02 AM

Re: But WHAT patents?
I've wondered that myself. I guess Harley makes subtle changes and then gets new patents, kind of like the pharmaceuticals add extras to cut down on previous side effects and then get new patents so they can continue to charge big bucks. It's all about greed. If the big 4 metrics could do it they would too.

Mike955i 05-27-2005 05:04 AM

Re: Harley-Davidson Back in Court
HA! Great comment that points out the very problem I have with the current HD craze; the companies "success" was built on the backs (and wallets) of US motorcylists. IMO, the company should have died the death it deserved (at that time) instead of being propped up by Mr. Forbes and Ronnie. I have respect for what they have done since (evolution to TC88 to revolution, improvements in manufacturing, engineering and QA, etc) but so few people know the truth about the "American Motor Company" and how it made it's rise to glory.

wilro09 05-27-2005 05:11 AM

Need to unload some unsold bikes
Maybe HD just wants to slow down sales of Big Dog's and other competitors bikes to bring some sales back to their dealers.

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