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Grover 04-12-2005 11:35 AM

Re: H-D rental for a sportbike rider
Cool, the windshield worked. TIt's actually designed to pop out like that when you crash into it going over the bars. The fact that it makes the windshield easier to clean is just a fringe benefit.

SeanAlexander 04-12-2005 02:28 PM

Re: Why so negative?
Nothing at all. You can tell by the use of the word "Worster", that he probably isn't making recomendations in an un-biased manner.

From a dynamics standpoint, the new Sportsters are the best Harleys you can buy IMHO. The Street Rod isn't bad, but I'd still rather have a Sportster 1200R on a twisty road.

tsrzad 04-12-2005 03:35 PM

Re: H-D rental for a sportbike rider
I'll restate the stautus quo and recommend going "whole hog". We already know how fun a nimble, tourquey, balanced machine is; why not try it slow and low? My dad and brother in law are harley guys who laugh at my MZ Skorp Sport Cup saying they are coming out ahead not needing ibuprofen for achy clip-on wrists and knee pucks. Whatever..; BUT someday soon I'll be renting a BAC (big ass cruiser) to roll on a tour with those guys and I'm sure I'll love it.

Life's good outside of the cage.

Nplateau 04-12-2005 03:38 PM

Haven't ridden the 1200, but I have ridden the 883 Custom. I was quite pleasantly surprised. It's actually a pretty nice bike. The seat gets annoying after some time as it places you right on your tailbone, but it handles well enough, sounds alright, and for pose value, it's a Harley. It's more of a standard than a cruiser, just with forward controls. If someone just have to have a Harley, the Sporty would be my recommendation.

donzi 04-13-2005 03:16 AM

Re: H-D rental for a sportbike rider
I'll put another vote in for the Road King. They corner suprisingly well and are just plain fun. Having saddlebags are really cool also if you never had them before. I ride a supermoto but if I was going on a trip and wanted a rental the King would be my first choice.


SRMark 04-13-2005 03:22 AM

Re: H-D rental for a sportbike rider
I'd give up on any kind of sport bike hopes. You'll die in the first turn 'cause you'll turn too late. My first ride on the old T-sport just about ended in an oak tree. This is a good handling bike but it is a tank compared with a sport bike. I recommend you rent a Dyna Super Glide Sport. It'll look good, handle ok and keep you from getting killed. You may also come to appreciate a different kind of riding. Then, when you do this again next year, they might have the Street Rod to rent.

imported_g_k 04-13-2005 04:54 AM

Re: H-D rental for a sportbike rider
Since he mentioned it in his initial post, I'd say he can, in fact, say Vrod.

nokneedragin 04-13-2005 05:08 AM

Re: H-D rental for a sportbike rider
If you go for the whole hog experience remember 2 things:

A 4 fingers on the brakes (its not a Tuono)

2 forget corner speed

Other than that enjoy, you'll appreciate the Tuono more when your done

ValkBandit 04-13-2005 05:57 AM

here's a wild idea ...
do you have to scrape your pegs and do stoppies to enjoy motorcycling? i think not.

here's a wild idea: rent the biggest, most chrome-festooned harley you possible can and go site-seeing. forget about performance once in your life and just enjoy a liesurely ride. you might just find the experience opens up a whole new motorcycling realm for you.

it's fun to go fast.

it is also fun to go slow.

why would you ever choose one exclusively?

sarnali 04-13-2005 06:11 AM

Re: H-D rental for a sportbike rider
Between the 1200 Roadster and the Dyna Sport I'd just flip a coin. both are going to be fun, both are going to handle and perform better than you expect and both are a much more modern design than a Road King. I'm only speaking for myself, but the whole '50's nostalgia trip leaves me cold, been there, done that, bought a bunch of T-shirts.

Get the Sporty, you'll keep looking at the tank and motor as you ride thinking "This can't be a Harley"

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