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Default Re: The Yamaha must be so great...

i didn't hear any noise when it came to resale...on a more serious note, how's the insurance on the FZ1
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Default Re: Harley-Davidson CEO Retires

You're probably right about thier current strategy, but they're gonna have to expand to make it as a line eventually. Maybe they'll do it by the time I'm ready (age-wise or significant other) for a sport tourer. (But still not ready for a crusier...) One can hope.

For sure, you're right about that engine, it is huge! I've seen it at the dealer on a rack. My hope is when you combine Buell's technology and (Like stated eariler) lighten it, it would work. (please, oh please...)

I'm not holding my breath though. Gotta couple years before I'll move on from the strictly Sports.
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