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Default Re: H-D #1 & 2 in ProStock

I wonder if V & H can revive the long dead VR1000 superbike? Even give MotoGP a shot!

Maybe they could get Rossi away from Yamaha, to see if he can get another uncompetive machine on the podium.

Or should it r.i.p.?
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Default Re: H-D #1 & 2 in ProStock

V&H probably could have gotten the VR1000 to the podium, but its the execs at HD that don't any any competetive spirit for road racing.

As for GP, I'll be eating the tires off my dirt bike before HD ever tries to compete in that arena.

I would love to see it, a 990cc carbon-fibred vtwin that actually meets the minimum wt allowed, I'd feel real proud to see HD sponser it also. But then I wake up and realize that GP is never going to switch to cruizer racing.
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Default Re: H-D #1 & 2 in ProStock

Well, no, but they are half the displacement.
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