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SC 01-10-2001 01:06 PM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
in the late 60"s, Harley built an inline, 4 cylinder DOHC engine. It was installed in a sporster frame and the engine looked very similar to an MV Augusta. As usual, the company did not think it would sell & was scrapped.In 1968 Honda proved them wrong & the downfall of the motor company began

CBR1000F 01-10-2001 04:45 PM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
Knock off the Harley-Bashing, folks. I've got news for you: THEY RIDE TOO! It's true that SOME of them are about what other people choose to ride, but so are some of the people that ride EVERY OTHER kind of bike. You know it's true. do we really need to divide us (bikers) into "Us" and "Them"? Aren't we all bikers, Riders, Motorcyclists, whatever your preferred terminology? Do you really want to stoop to that level? If some Harley riders are jerks about it, so what? If you stoop to their level, you're just admitting that you are no better than that low-life who won't wave back. 'Nuff said.

Now, on to the actual subject:

The sad truth is that EVERYTHING is market driven in a free enterprise, unless the government steps in. Which is what has happened. Harley Davidson keeps selling their product because their product is still selling. It has NOTHING to do with whether or not water cooling is better, and EVERYTHING to do with what their customers want. If their customers want a loping, syncopated idle, they leave in the single-pin crank. If their customers want a VERY beautiful machine, but don't care all that much about weight and handling, guess what? They get it. Now, on to the exception: Ever increasing smog laws make it harder and harder to make a decent engine with air-cooling... And the customers lose what they want. Is this a bad thing? No. People have had a good time complaining about every single technological innovation that has ever applied to any sort of motorsport, but they've been wrong. Fuel injection didn't kill muscle cars, it revived them. Electronic ignition? When was the last time you complained because you didn't have to change the points?

How 'bout this: We used to think it was GOOD when a car went 100,000 miles without a rebuild. Now we EXPECT it. My dad has 80,000 miles on his Concours, and it still runs strong. I put 600 miles a WEEK on my CBR 1000F, commuting to work... I couldn't have done that 20 years ago. So... Leave them alone. They'll change when they need to, and not a moment before. Wave. Have fun on your bike, whatever you ride. I may not choose the same bike (and I know lots of you wouldn't choose MY bike), but as long as YOU'RE happy with your bike, I'm happy with your bike.

Keep the shiny side up,


SamBlob 01-10-2001 04:52 PM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
There's at least some truth to that...

Don't know about the cast iron replacement spokes, but I was told that Honda's first venture was piston rings. Soichiro Honda didn't know jack about metallurgy, and the samples he first sent to Toyota were horrible. When Toyota rejected them, Honda did some research and made better piston rings, which were still not good enough for Toyota. After a few more iterations, Honda eventually made acceptable piston rings and supplied Toyota with them until his factory was burned to the ground along with a large amount of the rest of Japan in WWII.

SamBlob 01-10-2001 04:55 PM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
But not old enough to remember when H-D [i][b]did[b][i] make bicycles; between 1915 and 1920, if I remember (the book I read this in) correctly...

SamBlob 01-10-2001 05:21 PM

Re: I guess I should have previewed that post...
...before sending; the bold and italics were only supposed to be on the word "did"...

Tom_Price 01-10-2001 06:37 PM

Re: Enough flames, let
Don't you think the rake/trail looks scary? What is it 40 degrees? Why? I think a shopping cart has less trail than that photo of the prototype suggests.

By the way I'm not Anonymous Squid I show as Welcome MO User "Tom Price"

bAAx 01-10-2001 09:02 PM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
ermm.. isnt the rvf a VEE-FOUR?

lanesplitter 01-10-2001 09:44 PM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
I think he meant in a head on wreck.

TCAir 01-10-2001 11:45 PM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
No I don't want to see the Superbike series won by a Harley!!! Harley has survived my making a status symbol name, not by making a quality product. If Harley wants to impress me or anyone with any sense, start building bikes that last longer than the payments!

EXUP 01-11-2001 12:51 AM

Re: Water-Cooled Harley Discussion
Come on guys, don't be like this. We're Americans, and should be proud of our own products. I admit that HD hasn't been the best bike maker out there, but if they're willing to try, lets support them.

By the way, most of HD riders I've ran into in CA are very educated professional people. Maybe you've seen too much magazine pictures. I ride a R1 myself, and I welcome all new changes towards higher technology.

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