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SuzukiStucki 04-16-2004 07:39 AM

Re: Rant on Marketing
Great rant. I too love the heritage of HD and would like to buy American, but am put off by the contemptuous attitude of my local dealer and the fact that the marketing focuses on "you have to buy a Harley to be cool" rather than on quality or performance. On the other hand, you can't blame Harley. They are getting rich with this marketing and have no reason to change until more of their customers place the focus on quality instead of trying to be cool.

sarnali 04-16-2004 07:59 AM

Re: H-D First Quarter for 2004
Well of course the P & A end would surpass the motorcycle unit .The Brotherhood has to keep replacing parts that fall off everytime they ride down to the tavern

Good to see them doing well from the bad old days in the '70's and 80's, now if they can build a modern line to go along with the classic line like a certain 101 year old Brit bike manufacturer they'll continue to gain market share untill they rule the world from beyond the grave (or the nearest phycho ward) just like David LoPan

anrajala 04-16-2004 08:13 AM

Re: Rant on Marketing
Finally another fellow HD rider who is not taken by this massive marketing-crap-for-suckers that revolves around HD. Like the mag that I started receiving after bying the bike, that should come with a health warning and a sick bag.

- cruiz-euro

nokneedragin 04-16-2004 08:23 AM

Re: This is awesome news
Havn't checked recently, but I believe the Goldwing is considered to have more US of A made parts on it than a HD is. At least they are assembled here.

Also, like any smart company, HD does outsource its engineering to some extent (Vroad motor/porch engineers)

longride 04-16-2004 08:25 AM

Re: H-D First Quarter for 2004
I only fall off riding away from the tavern. I almost never fall riding TO the tavern. Parts fall off in both directions though.

anrajala 04-16-2004 08:32 AM

Re: This is awesome news
>American workers and American engineers

>turning out quality products. In this day of

>outsourcing and offshoring

Dodging a discussion what constitutes "a quality product", I merely point out that this sort of flag waving is brainless. Everyone knows that also HD outsources foreign parts and offshores engineering. We have also HD production here in Brazil (you guessed it, for cost reasons)

- cruiz-euro

EdgyDrifter 04-16-2004 09:22 AM

Re: H-D First Quarter for 2004
Hmmm... what WOULD Lo-Pan ride? With the flowing robes and all he doesn't strike me as a repli-racer kind of guy. He'd need a cruiser--a big one to suit his megalomania. Maybe a VN2000? Nah, too conventional. Boss Hoss? Nah, too unrefined. I see him on a Confederate Hellcat with ape hangers and a stick shift. Or maybe an Ed Roth-designed psychadelic trike.

Doesn't matter, though. Jack Burton will always be around to kick his ass.

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