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seruzawa 03-24-2004 05:50 PM

Re: Great question
Wow. Are you this stupid naturally or is it an aquired trait?

Kook's got competition now. It's hard to figure which of you is the most stupid and bigoted.

longride 03-25-2004 02:12 AM

Easy answer.
"And this from the Buell website;"While traditional sport bikes use complex technology for the sole objective of speed, our mission is to develop and employ innovative technology only in as much as it enhances the ride. Because in the end, it's not how quickly you get there. It's how much fun you have on the way."

WTF does that mean?"

It means they don't have to ride with an ******* like you. Pretty much sums it up.

seruzawa 03-25-2004 02:51 AM

Re: Easy answer.
Don't waste time in discussion with the dumber half of MOs "Dumb and Dumberer" comedy duo. I get more intelligent comment from my great nephew...."goo goo gah gah".

Eric Buell obviously has no desire to create just another inline-4 replica.

None of the whiners would buy an inline-4 Buell anyhow.

None of the snot-nosed whiners have ever even ridden, much less owned, the bikes they are so expert on.

longride 03-25-2004 02:53 AM

Re: Easy answer.
Gotta agree with ya. zrx_bullshyt is in the bin with his Kook buddy.

Bandit_1 03-25-2004 02:59 AM

Re: History Made In Gainesville
"Honda is #1 anyway"

Like in the winners circle at the 2004 Daytona 200?

Oh, wait.....that was a Suzuki and Matt Mladin....

But honda was #2 which ain't to shabby.

Where was HDs superbike?

hmmmm....quit a few years ago after winning....well....never.

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