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ducatirdr 12-18-2000 08:07 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson
First there is waiting lists, then price gouging and now selling bikes that aren't yours to sell.

HD has a problem with dealers taking advantage of limited production vs demand and putting the screws to their customers. Hey HD, level the field for consumers and do away with unfair sales tactics from your dealers.

I've used HD credit and had no problems with them or the dealer helping me transfer ownership to a bud that the bought the bike from me while under HD's lien. Matter of fact it was easy. The dealership took care of most of the paper work for me. I must admit the dealership has a lot to due with how well you are treated. I had to travel 40 miles from the closest dealer to find this dealer I delt with.

turnandburn 12-18-2000 09:07 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson
Remar Sutton is the god of teaching people how to buy cars for the least amount of money. He knows all the dealer tricks and how to counteract them. His books on the subject are the best by far. He has been a car salesman, sales manager, general manager, and car dealership owner. Nobody knows more about car dealers and how they work than Remar! I don't know what he knows about motorcycles and motorcycle dealers though. Sounds like a different animal to me.

Iman01 12-18-2000 10:12 AM

Re: It ain't Harley-Davidson that screwed the pooch on this.
They are doing something. I have found a dealership 70 miles from my home, that does awesome. They can keep my overpriced piece of aluminum running like a top. I have 2 dealerships closer to me. I refuse to shop at either of them. I bought one bike from Sioux Falls HD in Sioux Falls, SD. I'll never make that mistake again, they could care less that the bike will leak it's entire capacity of oil in a week. The bike is under warranty a new 2001 Buell Blast, I have heard nothing but good things about the bike from other owners, Sioux Falls (J&L) HD can't or won't fix it.

Sioux City HD in Iowa is pathetic. They blew me off the first time I walked in there. I later came back with an old biker buddy of mine and got their prices, no way I'm going to pay $2000 too much on a Sportster for bad service.

So, I shop at Cherokee HD. My Dyna Wide Glide is a bit quarky but Cherokee is able to keep it running great. Only now I hear HD is taking bikes away from Cherokee because they are selling out of their "region".

HD is punishing them for making a good name for themselves. HD needs to stop sending extra alotment bikes to their overpriced dealerships NOW!

caderider 12-18-2000 11:44 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson

You put too many exclamation points in one place...

j/k (tongue in cheek)


IceWorm 12-19-2000 02:02 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson
Forcing you to buy $1000 in accessories? Forcing you to pay $2000 in delivery fee? Uhhhh, am I missing something here? When they were twisting your arm did your wallet pop out of you back pocket? Sounds like your arms are easy to twist to me. How do you ride a motorcycle with rubber arms?

IceWorm 12-19-2000 02:21 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson
This whole thing is so absurd. Did the dealer represent this bike as new or not? Look at how carefully crafted the opening two paragraphs are in the top statement.

One of the best feelings in the world is being able to go into a

motorcycle dealership, lay down about $12,000, and walk out the

proud new registered owner of a motorcycle -- in this case, a


But, what if, after two months of bonding with your new bike, you

found out that it was registered in someone else's name and that for a

month you had been riding without insurance? That's what happened to James


Did he walk out the proud new registered owner of a motorcycle, or the proud registered owner of a new motorcycle? Common, if he thought he was getting a new bike why not come out and say exactly that, instead or playing games with words? If he thought he was buying a used bike then say that with no confusing mumbo-jumbo. If he knew it was used then why would he be so surprised that it was priviously registered to someone else? It is practly impossible to make any kind of intelligent comment with such a poorly worded original stament from MO!

Modsmasher 12-19-2000 02:28 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson

Modsmasher 12-19-2000 02:37 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson
I have to agree that no harm was done to Martorella, just a paperwork snafu. If the guy was that pissed, try to return the bike and get out of it, then go to another dealer.... I can't believe that I actually know of people who actually enjoy getting scr@#ed by dealers, and keep going back. I think they just like something to complain about.

IceWorm 12-19-2000 03:01 AM

At least he spelled "there" correctly.

Iman01 12-19-2000 03:24 AM

Re: Case Filed Against Kosco Harley Davidson
Does this have anything to do with a shenanigan lots of dealerships get involved in? I know of a dealership that sells all of their new bikes to employees to sell them back to the dealership. It allowed them to get better surveys in to the factory and extra points for the dealer becase they said they sold the bikes at list.

How else do you think a used bike of this model year sitting in Sioux City HD's floor can have only 3 miles on it?

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