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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

Hey, don't bring your logic and actual experience around here- nobody wants to listen to that.
\"I knew it. I\'m surrounded by a$$holes.\" [b][i]Lord Helmet, Spaceballs
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Default Re: Total Cost of Ownership

There's much to be said about learning on a underpowered bike, especially sport riding. Every ride can feel like a GP due to the need for conserving momentum and proper line choice. Plus, its real tough to scare yerself unless you want to.
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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

I agree with most of the above comments. I'd encourage you to buy a cheap used bike. People have been posting that a cheap used bike is $3k. I'd say you can easily get a reliable used bike in the $1500 range. I'd recommend a Honda CX500, I found a '78 for my nephew that was near mint, 20k miles, for $650. If you can find one that cheap, you can always sell it for what you bought it for if you don't wreck it.

Great move taking the class. I'd also suggest picking up a cheap dirt bike and hitting the trails / tracks. It's a load of fun, and you'll really learn how to handle a motorcycle. You'll hit the ground quite a bit, but if you have the right gear you'll be allright. Plus, dirt is softer than pavement.

If you find you like motorcycling, and think you're ready, get the big bike then. You might find out after riding the beginner bike that you like the standard position, or maybe want something sportier, or you may want the cruiser. Be open minded, and have a great time.
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Default Re: Getting 'Caught' In The Rain?

I don't get 'caught' in the rain, I ride in it! A little rain never hurt anybody....
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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

I have gotten a lot of great advice here. I have since changed my stance, due to advice from those who ride and from various message boards.

I am looking into getting a bike in the 750 range. I am on the short side,5'7, and just recently checked out some bikes.

The Honda 750 Shadow, Kaw. Vulcun 750, and the Yamaha 650.

I fell in love with the Yamaha 650 V-Star. It felt the most comfortable, with my feet easily flat on the ground.

I will be doing more research.

thanks again for all the great advice.

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