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Default Now that's comedy!

Probably will need a NOS system too. I hear that makes learning a lot easier. Then change the handle to "Straight Line Incubus"
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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

"Don't forget about the cost of maintenance, harley's are the highest maintenance bike, honda being the least."

Ppffff! When was the last time you paid for maintenance on a Harley? Or a Honda for that matter!?! Don't bother answering. It's obvious to me at least the answer is never. Even when I use the dealers the regular maint. is cheaper for my Roadking than my ST1100.

I use a private H-D mechanic for most of my maint. and he charges half what the dealer charges ($120/5k mi) and he worked at a H-D dealership for over 15 years. The only reason I use him is I'm too busy/lazy/cheap to do the very simple service myself.

I still do my own maint on my Honda because I can't afford the dealer price for regular work. God forbid I should need any parts.

Harley - everywhere and parts are cheap. Oil filter = $6

Honda - Bend over and try to relax. OUCH! Oil filter = $12.

I love both my bikes and I used to think the same BS you stated above but after only a few years that has all changed.

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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

HA-HA, you signed it right there see?
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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

This is scary. No MR ALLCAPS, no HershyHighwayman, and allmost the entire commitee agrees that he need a beginer bike.

Someone stir up the troops!!
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Default Total Cost of Ownership

Remember to take into account the total cost of ownership. Of course the payment.

Narrow your search down to the two or three models you seriously think you would enjoy riding, and CALL AROUND to three or four different insurance agencies, including your current insurer. Also, service; Whether you decide you can "live with" a smaller dispacement Jap (possibly used) bike for a year, or you just have to go for the Big Twin gusto now, SHOP DEALERS. Don't just shop the dealers for their friendly sales staff, but also for how well stocked the parts department is on common wear items. And ask about their shop service rate. A difference of $10 or even $5 per hour can make a chunk o' money. Ask what the standard service for your particular model entails, and ask to see the service department. If they won't let you see it, or if it's a mess back there, let it be a warning to you.

Now I bought my first bike in August of '02. It was a used 2000 Sporty 883. Loved it. Outgrew it quickly. Or so I thought. After owning it for three weeks (!) I traded it in for an '03 Gunmetal Pearl Road King. Amazing bike. Easier to ride than the Sporty, mostly due to low seat height. Now I'm 6'2" and 230#, and I loved this bike. Until I had owned it for six months or so and couldn't keep up with

1) any of my friends

2) all the payments

3) the "lifestyle"

I learned that I like riding a lot more than I care bout being a "biker." I learned that I want to cruise Main Street, but that I also wanted to do some light trail riding in the Blue Ridge and No. Georgia mountains. I learned that while thought all I wanted was to amble along and watch the scenery go by, that I also quickly learned to enjoy wicking it up a bit and tilting a little bit of horizon. My Road King did only a few of these things.

The most expensive maintenance item on most bikes is the valve inspection/adjustment. Harleys negate this expence entirely by having self-adjusting valves. If your Jap bike requires removal of the cams to do the valve job, you could be looking at 400-600 bucks. So the cost difference between that 5 or 6 thousand dollar UJM and that 7 or 8 thousand dollar Sporty is a lot smaller, depending on how much you actually ride and how long you keep it. But Harleys are comparatively expensive to add power up to the level of their competitors.

And while I never had any mechanical problem whatsoever with either of my Harleys, the straw that broke the camel's bakc for me was the rust. I garage my bikes, but occasionally do get caught in teh rain, like everyone else. I came out onew sunny Tuesday morning, and noticed that *all* the bolts that hung the exaust to the bike were bright orange from head to thread. Now Harley will sell you a replacement kit that includes either stainless or chromed bolts and screws for the major exposed components, or they will sell you a kit for about $250-$300 that gives you little chrome covers to snap on over every screw and bolt on the bike, but for a bike that costs in the mid-to-high-teens of thousands, they ought not to rust in the first place. Galvanize, use stainless steel, chrome them, something, ANYTHING! Maybe I would accept that on a 4500$ UJM, but not a bike costing $19k that is supposed to be the pride of American craftsmanship.

HArleys are great bikes, but ask questions, know the true cost of ownership. Use common sense, for example that chrome is really pretty, but has to be cleaned and polished more frequently than a "plain" painted bike.

I ended up trading for a BMW. and I'm much happier. I hardly ever drive anymore.

Good Luck, and welcome to the fun.
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Default Re: Total Cost of Ownership

This is definitely something to consider. As a first-time rider (even with MSF course completion), insurance rates can be high. I priced out insurance for a few bikes, and found that the cost of insuring a new sport bike for me was approaching unaffordable. So, I went cheap. Bought an '88 VTR 250 for a kilobuck, spent about $100 cleaning it up, and paid $180 or so for insurance for a year. I've been riding it for a year, and I love the bike. Light, flickable, no unplanned wheelies. It's not great for long trips on the highway, but you don't really learn much about riding going in a straight line at 80 mph, do you?

Also, when buying insurance, be sure to carry enough liability coverage to cover all your assets... If someone decides to come after you after an "incident", the lawyers can come after your belongings if the value of the settlement is greater than your insurance limit.

Happy riding!
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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

I'll sell you my '82 GS550L! It's a nice little cruiser-style Suzuki with an air-cooled inline 4. Runs great, recently replaced the shocks and rebuilt the fork. Needs a seat cover, and maybe the tank repainted, but for a beater, who cares? $800 OBO.
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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

Did you come up with that one on your own or did your mommy help you?
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Default Re: Total Cost of Ownership

I run nothing less that 100/300 on my coverages due to most cars on the road being well over the standard 15/25 and medical not being cheap either. It costs more but not that much more, well compared to someone coming after your house or sticking you with a bill for the next twenty years like Ive witnessed with friends.
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Default Re: New or Used Bike?

I think you should pay HIM a couple hundred to take it off your hands.
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