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Default Re: Jennifer Snyder Joins Harley Dirt Track Team

Maybe it's uncompetitive enough for you to go and show us how you can whip them all. I'll be looking for the name "Anonymous Squid" above Jennifer's in the points championship.
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Default Re: cute - judge women on performance, not looks

I noticed this in the olympics and it shows up again here; women judged on the basis of their looks rather than their skills. Just look at tennis; the most attractive female tennis player, Martina Nara.(something).ova gets all the magazine covers but she stinks as a tennis player. More power to you Jennifer! Don't let anyone judge you on the basis of your looks, but rather on your accomplishments. And this from a male.
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Default Re: Jennifer Snyder Joins Harley Dirt Track Team

1ST thing:

Graduate kindergarten.

2ND thing:

Learn to spell, and write coherently.

3RD thing:

Wake up from your wet dream.

Besides luck, talent is the greatest single thing in a successful racers career. There are people riding at the "Pro" level for years, yet never win a race, or a championship. If everyone were equally talented, THERE WOULD BE NO WINNERS! Everybody would cross the line at the same time. You could get on the same bike as Scotty Parker, and he'd ride circles around you. Think that's not talent? Grow up.
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Default Motorbike racing + Sponsoring =Marketing = Sales

Let's face it the reason companies sponsor riders is to get there product displayed to a target audience. Funny how many woman riders here in the states purchase Harley Sportsters. The XR looks a lot like a Sportster.

As far as riders that are out there that deserve a sponsor before her...We all can think of a few excellent riders out there with sponsor problems because they don't line up to the Sponsors ideal candidate.

I hope she does well.
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