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BuellBoy 11-25-2000 02:46 AM

First Post!
I think it would be better if first prize were the 883 Hugger, and second prize was TWO 883 Huggers...

Gabe 11-26-2000 08:51 AM

both bikes are worthless without the trailer!

roadload 11-27-2000 09:10 AM

Re: H-D Raffle for Charity
Odd how they included a trailer as a prize.

IceWorm 11-28-2000 01:11 AM

Donate $100
I sent them a 100 money order as a donation. I don't want the Harleys. I actually would not mind having a Davidson, I just can't stand the thought of having to wear that silly uniform.

Daniel_Gerous 11-30-2000 09:11 AM

Re: H-D Raffle for Charity
First prize: two Harleys and a trailer.....

What a set-up for a joke....

Too many choices, I can't make up my mind which put-down to go with. Can't stop laughing.

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