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J190pruf 11-04-2001 07:46 AM

Re: We surf, too
He may be hell on tires but he can use a set of softs the whole race

das 11-05-2001 06:12 AM

Re: We surf, too
Yeah, I know when McCoy first came to prominence, there were a lot of people making comments about how his style was too hard on tires, and how it wasn't the fastest way around the race track, etc.

Mick Doohan shut them all up in a heartbeat though. I don't remember the exact quote, but his basic point was that all those people didn't know what in the hell they were talking about; that if you wanted to circulate as fast as possible and conserve your tires, you *had* to slide them, at least some of the time.

There's no question that McCoy is a force when the tires "go off". Oddly, I don't recall him being great in the rain, at least not like Kenny Roberts and Alex Barros.

SieG 11-05-2001 05:04 PM

Re: We surf, too
Yeah it looks amazing :)!

Mick Doohan said:" Mccoy better stop sliding around everywhere, of course it looks amazing, but he should only do it when its absolutely neccessary like the other top riders do. "

Anyway, its cool :) so... :)


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