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MoMo 04-25-2001 07:10 AM

Re: Joey Dunlop Stamps
i've never seen any footage of Dunlop. Does anyone know of any videos or movies with footage of him in it? I'd like to see this legend.

Rafi 04-25-2001 08:38 AM

Re: Joey Dunlop Stamps
There are videos of the 2000 Isle of Man TT race. Highly, highly recommended. See Joey race a VTR1000 and an RS125 and an RS250 (I think). Fun to watch over and over again.

minime 04-25-2001 08:47 AM

Re: Joey Dunlop Stamps
One of my personal fav's is when there's on-board footage of sombody ( I think it's Dunlop ) and there's a mic in his helmet so he can narrate as he goes around the course. There's this one section in particular where he's goimg through a corner and says something to effect of: "as you come through this cornah' you know you 'it it right when you hear a loud 'click' as the top of your 'elmet nicks the stone wahl..."


banda 04-25-2001 09:36 AM

What does this have to do with Mozilla?
Man, I am really confused.

The category for this story is "Mozilla" (which I believe to be a web server/browser technology for multiple platforms) There is even a little red star icon with a lizard in it next to the story (which is the icon for Mozilla stories.)

Strange. The Slashdot guys who are interested in Mozilla probably don't know squat about Joey Dunlop or philately, and the racing buffs probably don't care much about open source web browsers.

So what's going on?

Sparky 04-25-2001 09:37 AM

Re: Joey Dunlop Stamps

"V4 Victory" is a lap of IoM TT course with bike mounted camera driven by Joey and narrated by Joey. He talks about the course and how he rides it. The footage is AWESOME. When you see how fast the trees, stone walls and buildings go by, it will bring a whole new respect to the racers that have the balls to ride there. Rent it, Buy it , it is a MUST see! I garruntee it will make the adreneline flow!

Sparky 04-25-2001 09:40 AM

Re: Joey Dunlop Stamps

It's called "V4 Victory" and it is truly awesome.


minime 04-25-2001 09:48 AM

Re: Joey Dunlop Stamps
Thanks, Sparky and MoMo!

hackfu 04-25-2001 09:50 AM

Re: What does this have to do with Mozilla?
We're starting a cultural revolution and you're not invited.

banda 04-25-2001 10:08 AM

Re: What does this have to do with Mozilla?
Oh yeah?

Well your Linux stories aren't very good either.

...and you have a PERL category with no stories in it at all.

Dude, Slashdot kicks your a$$ at open source coverage.

But MO does have better "babes of Superbike" articles.

minime 04-25-2001 10:12 AM

Re: What does this have to do with Mozilla?
Babe coverage AND we have hot interns, too. Heh, heh. Go ahead and keep your open source coverage :)

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