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The_AirHawk 05-22-2007 07:28 AM

Re: Yes, But....
All your Frenchie are belong to us..........

sarnali2 05-22-2007 07:30 AM

Re: Biodiesel Motorcycle?
I live in the Cascade foothills and it snows every year, while I don't "need" a 4x4, it makes it a lot easier to get around in the winter. I still have to be to work while the suits call in sick on snow days and go back to bed. I suppose an AWD minivan would work as well as my Explorer but I doubt I'd see much improvment in gas milage and with the seats in place the carrying capacity is less so what's the incentive?

The_AirHawk 05-22-2007 07:32 AM

Re: Biodiesel Motorcycle?
It's the new Socko-way: Watch the World for things to happen, then take credit for "predicting" the trend after the fact. If that trend forks; take credit for predicting that too. Be certain to wear a backbrace when moving any/all goalposts. Wouldn't want to blow-out a disc or anything.

sarnali2 05-22-2007 07:35 AM

Re: keep your word and just go
I wouldn't even sit at the next table, god knows what that ***** has.......

sarnali2 05-22-2007 07:43 AM

Re: Biodiesel Motorcycle?
A few of my friends drive diesel Jetta's...

None of them use Biodiesel

sarnali2 05-22-2007 07:50 AM

Re: Yes, But....
*I'm not seeing a downside .....

sarnali2 05-22-2007 07:52 AM

Re: Yes, But....
Too bad the MILF didn't win

ksquid 05-22-2007 08:01 AM

Don't forget tiered licensing.

seruzawa 05-22-2007 08:19 AM

Re: Biodiesel Motorcycle?
Heh heh. I love those european looters and their whining. Gonna be a hoot when their financial house of socialist cards comes a tumbling down. Currency can only be falsely held up so long. Soon you'll be using euros for toilet paper.

seruzawa 05-22-2007 08:20 AM

Re: Biodiesel Motorcycle?
Just put a front skid and a snowmobile drive on yer Bandit, dude.

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