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mofo 03-02-2001 07:43 AM

Re: Hunwick Harrop: 1500cc Custom Cruiser
Dudes, don't you read your own website??!??


blip 03-02-2001 07:56 AM

Re: Hunwick Harrop: 1500cc Custom Cruiser
That's Hunwick Hallum, not Hunwick Harrop.

I'm surprised you remember that story, it was, I think, five years ago.

El_Flaco 03-02-2001 07:58 AM

We need the X-1R!
The Phantom is cool, even if the VTX-1800 would probably blow it away, but I am hoping that they plan to reinstate production plans for the X-1R. That was a sweet superbike! Interesting company with some fresh concepts, but they should do something above and beyond cruisers. The cruiser market is becoming saturated. Time for some new concepts to come to light.

NickdaBrick 03-02-2001 08:10 AM

Re: Hunwick Harrop: 1500cc Custom Cruiser
The problem with the Hunwick Harrop is the same as the problem with the new VTX 1800. . . however well it may run, it just looks weird. What this world needs is a clean, lean cruiser that runs like a Ducati Monster but looks like the Indian that Ed Kretz rode to win at Daytona. A couple of years ago, Denny Berg made a replica bob-job out of a Kawasaki 800; now that was a cool looking bike. I'd really like something like that.

superbikefan 03-02-2001 08:11 AM

Re: We need the X-1R!
Exactly...the X-1R was an awesome looking machine that seemed to take the Britten on to the next step. Sure wish that would (will?) happen. Hopefully the Phantom will allow them to get on their feet financially and the superbike will follow. With today's bike market, it seems the cruiser has to appear first, then the sport bike. Which reminds me, what has happened to Britten- has his wife been unsuccessful selling the company to anyone?

mofo 03-02-2001 08:48 AM

Re: Hunwick Harrop: 1500cc Custom Cruiser
Same logo, same initials, same first name...same motor, I'll wager. Hunwick whatever.

I don't particularly care for the "Give us a couple grand to reserve yours now! Operators are standing by!!!" But then I don't have loads of cash to throw around.

*Base* price is AUS$38,500 (US$20,400). For that amount of money I can buy a VTX, rip out the engine and sell the rest for scrap, and build a 100% carbon fiber bike around it.

Or just buy a Confederate.

Livin' up to the nick,


(mind like a rusty steel trap)

john 03-02-2001 08:49 AM

Re: Hunwick Harrop: 1500cc Custom Cruiser
I think the HH is a very unique motorcycle, especially function wise.

MO, i am kinda dissappointed that you are just now bringing this bike to light. I read about it in MotorCyclist in the March 2001 issue that i recieved like 3 weeks ago. Ya'll most operate under some kind of gag that restricts you from disclosing stories/bikes until it is first available in paper.

Anyway; the bike.

1493cc 90 degree v twin

102 hp, 101 ft-lbs

roughly $20,000 in US

528 lbs dry

dual 320 mm brakes w/ 4 piston calipers

17 inch rims w/D207's

51 mm forks, Paoli monoshock rear

The specs are very close to say, a Confederate Hellcat. I wish this genre of cruisers that can handle became more popular, and i wish the Japanese would make one. Say, a TL1000 motor in an aluminum monocoque cruiser chassis with sportbike suspension and laid back riding postion. A bike you can kick back on when you want to, or mix it up in the canyons. The closest thing to this right now is probably the Bandits. Well, the confederates and the Phantom are exactly it, but i dont have 15 to 20 thousand to shell out for it.

wingdave 03-02-2001 09:05 AM

It WAS Hallum... Harrop! HARROP!
It's hunwick harrop now..

Did you check the link?

Pretty ding-dang cool, if you ask this overfed, undersexed honky.

Don't be surprised at your readership.. seems we're reaching some sort of mo-phile category now..

They'll call you on your fact checking.

Tahnks for posting my link. RIDE LIKE YOU'RE INVISIBLE.


LoPhatHam 03-02-2001 09:08 AM

Humpback Hairlip
Though some wags in the motorcycle press have been referring to the Hunwick Harrop as the "Humpback Hairlip," I for one think it is kind of cool looking. It would be fun to ride one around just to see how people reacted. Plus it feels well balanced, as if it might be a hoot to ride.

While I think it may be cool looking, I would not in any way call it attractive, and to survive in the cruiser market a bike really needs to be attractive. Still, I wish them well.

Dryfly 03-02-2001 10:17 AM

Re: Hunwick Harrop: 1500cc Custom Cruiser
Look at the spy photos of the new liquid-cooled Harley in the new Cycle World magazine. For better or worse changes are coming, sometimes it just takes a while.

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