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Abe_Froman 12-27-2000 09:17 AM

Re: Update for Fastrack Riders
I think we're going to need some more contoversial subjects here.... Gabe and I are getting bored.

hackfu 12-28-2000 09:28 AM

Re: Update for Fastrack Riders
Wouldn't it be cool if the California Speedway got an infield track (like Vegas and Indy)?

coyn586 12-28-2000 11:34 AM

Re: Update for Fastrack Riders (from Danny DiNardo)
Danny....this stuff is pretty ruthless.

I hope that you guys get this stuff worked out.

However.....I did find it mildly amusing to hear about the TZ beating (I wasn't there when it happened)....but I do not think that the TZ beating had anything to do with FTR....That was a separate day, separate issue. As for the other stuff... I started riding on the track with you guys, I even was once the FTR "web dude" as Tom Puts it. Time contraints and other things dis-allowed me to continue, and I haven't been back to a Friday for a long time. I can't really say much, but the thing about dropping back down to 4 classes seems like a move in the right direction, as well as offering WSMC dudes discounts on tracktime. But, no matter what you do, there is always going to be those individuals that you can't make happy..


redzx9rninja 12-30-2000 04:13 PM

Re: Update for Fastrack Riders
So far most of the comments have been negative and unfortunately I have some more. I am very displeased with the hike rates that have occurred during the last few years. The first time I attended the price was $100, then $125, then $150, and now $150. I am sorry to state the obvious, but the last time a check the inflation rate it was not so steep. The price hikes resemble the inflation rate the Mexico had a about 10 years ago. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!! The first time I attended I felt as if though I was from a lower class species the way I was treated by the fastrackriders staff.

I did enjoy my time on the track which averaged about $2.00 a lap. But I was scared shi***s when some moron decided to stop his Buell in the middle of the front straight away and made a U turn into the exit of the hot pit lane. I also saw a few riders go down on the same spot (turn 1) when there was oil on the apex and not a single corner worker to slow down all of the riders coming down the front straight.

Now back to the price, I e mailed Tom Sera regarding the price hike and Tom replied that it was do to operational cost. Seems to me more like he wanted to fatten his pockets a lot more.

Anyway, future attendees BEWARE!

stevegrab 01-02-2001 08:41 AM

Re: The race track is safer than the street...
Why should he, you always post anonymously.

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