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CBR1000F 11-15-2000 03:12 PM

Re: Proficient Motorcycling Reader Feedback
Just remember that the obstacles (cages) ARE moving, though barely... and they do it unpredictably.

Haga 11-15-2000 06:21 PM

Re: Proficient Motorcycling Reader Feedback
I think the special interest group he and I belong to is "Motorcyclist." Perhaps you've heard of it. As for the rest of the politi-crap, we all know California is as liberal as they get and they continually screw us on restrictions(us being the entire country- think not? Check out the catalytic converter on your car). Furthermore, if you've followed MO halfway closely over the past few months you've noticed more than one Democratic land-grab which has taken away riding areas or restricted what can be done with future riding areas. I say that we, the motorcycling community, need to start speaking out before we're all riding Aprilia scooters on the tracks(not that there's anything wrong with that).

Gabe 11-15-2000 08:46 PM

Scare pop'n! Far gone vittles, man!
It makes perfect sense! Not gone for hate, but all squirrley with love!

****head f*&^%wit, all! Not far, not fat, not ball with South Moorpark boulevard! I like ALL cheeses, dig?

As far as "cottoning" goes, well, we all prefer the poly blends. But not you! Cager? Cager? I'll not swim in that blue lake, Swami!

Gabe 11-15-2000 08:54 PM

W's reply...
My opponent is illegitamted the fax, here. It's all about our basical differences in philosphizing.

If my daddy's cronies can pin down Florida for me, I will make sure every motorcyclist has enough crude oil from my personal stash of crude. Please measure it ack-er-itley.You can ride all over whatever you want, 'cuz Daddy an' Uncle **** said I should say that.

They say I'll be the cheif ex-ecutive, but shoot! I already ex-ecuted lots of people! I hope I can ex-ecute lots more!

bobdog 11-16-2000 06:19 AM

style vs. substance
Proficient Motorcycling may not be a worthy addition to every motorcyclist's library, but is probably suitable for most. In the review, I find it interesting that the ability to pull wheelies, stoppies, etc. are set out as a sort of standard of how good a rider is. It's pretty well known that the flashy stuff like that, whether it's in the street or the dirt, doesnt not necessarily equate to how good, i.e. fast a rider is. Of course, pulling wheelies and stoppies and burnouts is hella fun, so I'm all for them, but a steady, proficient rider, especially in the real world, wins in the race between style and substance.

CYCLE_MONKEY 11-16-2000 06:19 AM

Re: W's reply...
Gosh'n'golly, y'all NEVER can ex-e-cayute them fas' enough!

Gabe 11-16-2000 06:40 AM

Re: style vs. substance
Although I agree with what you said, (impressive)stoppieing, wheelieing, and burning-out are hard to do because they require a good understanding of clutch, throttle, and brake control.

I think every rider should practice stoppies just to find the limits of your front brakes- most riders are scared of using them too hard, which has saved me at least once on the street.

FidHawser 11-16-2000 06:44 AM

Re: Proficient Motorcycling Reader Feedback
Not having read the book...YET...but judging by your review, it seems like a good bet. Anything that makes a rider take a second look at his skills can only be good. I hope there is a lot of incentive in the text to encourage keeping HIGH performance riding off the street. BTW, from many other responses, it's easy to see why they're anonymous.

wingdave 11-16-2000 07:13 AM

Re: Proficient Motorcycling Reader Feedback
Sounds like a good read.

Even after riding for 14 years, there is always something to be learned, and anyone who thinks they know all shoud be so lucky as to not cause/be in an accident. I'll be picking this book up for my little brother, who's new to riding (seca), and borrowing it when he's done.

As for these boards always degrading into name calling.. wow.. I'm impressed with the "anon. squids" who haven't registered, but post their backwards assed opinions anyway. My name is Dave.

I live in Salt Lake City. Politics and motorcycle safety books go together like ducati riders and lynyrd skynyrd.

ScooterBoy 11-16-2000 09:27 AM

Re: Proficient Motorcycling Reader Feedback
I hear you loud and clear!

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