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iamz 11-17-2005 09:30 AM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
Reference above posts; Ridiculous was too strong of a word for me to use. I don't disagree. But from my point of view, if you can wheelie the bike with a 620 or an 800, and do 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds, and travel at interstate speeds, anything more is unnecessary. The insurance companies don't seem to like 1000 cc bikes either. I can insure a 620 Ducati for about $180 vs about $400 or more for a 1000. It just gets on my nerves that a lot of folks don't realize how fun it can be to thrash the hell out of a smaller bike and push it to it's limits. Try riding a modern liter bike like that on the street and you won't be long with this world.

nesbit 11-17-2005 10:11 AM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
More importantly, where's Schvetz's S2R1000 test?

teknoman 11-17-2005 11:50 AM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
i,m sorry bro,too early in the morning,but check raptors and rockets..they were at the milan show...

SeanAlexander 11-17-2005 12:57 PM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
Not if it's a wheelie contest. Mike E. can wheelie circles around me all day long. -Sean

seruzawa 11-17-2005 03:48 PM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
I'm with you on this. The most fun times I can remember are on 35-40 hp bikes like the RD400s. Anyone who thinks you need 1450hp to go fast is a fool.

imported_g_k 11-17-2005 04:25 PM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
I think it looks absolutely stunning, and if they produce it as close as possible to what the pictures depict it'll be a very popular model. I also think most of the suggestions to "improve" it would make it less desirable - it could be marketed as a fun scoot that's not super-practical for long trips or two-up riding (no hard bags or mounts, no heavier rear subframe and rear seat). I've only owned water-cooled Ducatis (748 and S4R), but it's hard to beat the overall advantages of the biggest air-cooled model - no large radiator, coolant lines, extra weight, etc. I think this'll sell well on looks alone - regardless of the engine size.

What else are they supposed to do? Sell 800 Monsters, ST3s, and 996s forever? But like everyone else I'm biased - I ride an MV Agusta Brutale, and this looks like a lighter, simpler, somewhat slower version of the same thing (only with Ducati exhaust sounds). I hope Ducati sells a zillion of them.

Vigor_Mortis 11-18-2005 05:03 AM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
I agree that it is a fun bike and wouldn't need all the extra accomidations that a bike like the Multistrada has. The design could end up being pulled in too many directions and lose its fun appeal, if the factory bolts too much onto it.

But it might also be able to replace the Supersport in Ducati's line up. And the presence of at least rudimentary passenger accomidations might help it sell a little better. Especially if the rear pegs can be easily removed for cleaner look.

Many potential buyers will be looking for a single bike to own and ride, not just an addition to the stable. Here is a bike that could work for a single bike owner, provided there is the potential for versatility.

Looking_4_a_Bike 01-10-2006 07:24 AM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
Sounds like everyone here wants to turn this into a Multistrada (spell check anyone?). Leave it as it is, big motor and everything! The smaller cc versions will role out soon enough.

KTM's V-twin is comming out with a knobbie tires enduro version of their supermoto... Is there a dirt bound Duc around the corner? How about that for expanding your product line! (Buell did it, Ktm went dirt to street) Paris Dakar? I called it here first... if its not produced some crazy guy (who I envy) will mod it and run it. DUC PARIS DAKAR IN 2007!!!

James_Brown 01-12-2006 08:53 AM

Re: Ducati Hypermoto Breaks Cover
Basically, many of us simply want the Multistrada to look look like the Hypermotard. I see absolutely no reason why a marginally taller fly-screen and well-designed (read slim and with "invisible" brackets) hard bags would have any affect on the looks. It's like the Monster. Some guys ditch the rearpegs and put on racy rearsets, clip-ons and high pipes. Other guys put on a flyscreen and some soft luggage. In the end, they all look like Monsters. In this case, the options could easily come from the factory. If they delivered what I'm asking for, they could drop the Multistrada from the books. Guys who want to buy the Hypermotard as a hooligan bike can have at it and chop stuff off, just like Monster owners do. Guys who want to have a more versatile bike can option it out with luggage. Ducati would get two bikes for the price of one and both would be gorgeous and desirable.

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