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pdad13 05-07-2005 05:12 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
I've got to agree with everyone here. I think as a first bike you'll want a bike with a more forgiving power delivery and a more standard riding position. Okay, you may not want that bike now, but you'll thank us later. The 600RR is not that bike.

The 620 Monster would be fine, but I think it's advisable to buy a used bike. There are tons of low mileage, good condition used bikes that you can ride for a season, learn and then sell without financial hardship.

The EX500 (Kawi Ninja 500) is a good choice: Cheap and very available and, since they haven't changed in 15 years, you can find a good one that's a few years old.

Here's a bike no one has mentioned (if you must have something a bit more powerful than the 500 or the Duc 620): The Kawi ZR-7S. It was discontinued a couple of years ago, but you can get one in with low miles for under $4k. 750 cc, about 65-70 peak rear wheel hp, and about 43 ft lbs of torque. It's a very nice looking standard with a protective half fairing. In fact, one of the knocks on the ZR-7S was that it looked racier than its performance could live up to. But it'll be more than enough for your first bike. It'll also be inexpensive to maintain.

The SV650 is also a good choice, but it will be pricier. The Yamaha YZF-600R is comfortable with a more user-friendly powerband, but it's still a pretty serious sportbike, so I dont' know if I can recommend it as a starter. Same with the ZZR-600. The Duc Monster S2R is really nice, but has got a bit more power than the SV and you'd have to buy new.

Whatever you buy, get a few thousand miles on it and then think about trading up.

johnnyquest 05-07-2005 05:16 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
When I was shopping for a first bike I thought I wanted a Buell blast, and when I was at the dealer I saw the CityX.....a bike I'd still love to take for a test ride. I like the engineering ideas behind the bike, but I don't know how those ideas would pan out in the real world. For instance, it gets great fuel economy, but doesn't hold alot of fuel. And you'd be limited to soft luggage only, if you read my reply to the member who started this topic you'll see I'm a huge fan of hard luggage now. The other drawback to me was insurance, I think the best quote I got was $1000 a year for full coverage, evidently like Harley's they're a high-theft item.


Whatmough 05-07-2005 05:26 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
Go for the duck. You're 35 not 25 and fairly responsible as you say. Not completely responsible or you'd be concidering a mini-van/sedan. The 620 has plenty of what you need and more comfort than the Honda. Soft bags also will help with the comute although either can be fited with these. You really can't go wrong; but if you drop the Honda it will cost more to fix the plastic than a side marker.

have fun and get a test ride on both.

tomk2 05-07-2005 05:49 AM

Re: Consider insurance costs.
???? You know that firsthand? Better get a different insurance company, State Farm rates Buells in with Harleys so the XB9 would be about the same as the Sportster or any other unfaired bike

uway 05-07-2005 06:38 AM

Re: Consider insurance costs.
I dont want an Italian bike. i've got no logical reason for this.

my state farm agent rates solely on cc's. i think he quoted me $68 a month on a 1000. not too bad for a 25 year old, i think. of course, the house discount goes a long way.

like i said, though, i still dont know who to believe about Buells. also, since I'd lke to commute (12 miles) 2 or 3 times a week, i dont know if the buell makes sense.

xlr8r 05-07-2005 09:33 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
"Oh my, look at me, I've just learned how to tell the time. Now should I buy a Rolex for my first watch, or should I get a Jaeger Le-Coultre?" No, you should buy a Timex.

eisenfaust 05-07-2005 10:19 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
I'm with the majority of the posters here. Get a used 500cc bike. My first is/was a GS500, and I dont regret it for a day. I've had it for almost a year, and I'm still learning tons just about every time I ride it (it also helps that I'm slowly restoring it to good condition, the last owner didnt take very good care of her).

I'd love a 600RR, its on the list of 'next bikes', along with a few other sportbikes and sport standards; but I dont see it making a good first machine. Its certainly not comfortable, its twitchy, and its just not as 'natural' feeling as the other bikes people are suggesting. A sportbike will require intimate familiarity (on more than an intellectual level) of the dynamics of controlling a bike. The muscle memory, programmed reflexes, etc.

So, if you want one of those two... get the monster 620, preferably the dark version ;-).

Or, consider one of the following:


Hawk 650GT (NT650)



DL650 V-strom




drthompson65 05-07-2005 10:24 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
Get the Monster SR2.

jeffie 05-07-2005 10:32 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
I started on a R1150GS. If you are big enough to handle it physically (I'm 6'1" 180lb) then buy it. Perfect ergos and power distribution for learning through crazy.

Bike transitions are expensive. Get the one you want now. The GS is droppable too! I buried mine in a trail incident and it survived well.

Trust me.

longride 05-07-2005 10:45 AM

Re: '05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?
What do you know anyway???

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