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Abe_Froman 11-01-2004 08:58 AM

Re: Michael Jordan rides Ducati Desmosedici
Ahh the priveleged life of a washed-up superstar. If Jordan wants to throw his (or Nike's) money at roadracing then I certainly wouldn't try to stop him. It does miff me that I can't have a custom-made set of kangaroo Alpinestars leathers though, at any price (I actually asked), and I am forced to buy their dumb canned color schemes in cowhide while he probably gets his stuff for free. Oh well, my next set will probably be another brand. I hope someone at AS reads this.

Too bad they can't have somebody ride that bike that has a some skill and the ability to actually appreciate it. Just like the old rich men that buy Ferraris, the people that actually get the chance to ride or drive one are the people with the least ability to utilize and appreciate them.

clively 11-01-2004 08:59 AM

Re: Michael Jordan rides Ducati Desmosedici
Day off & first post, yahoo!

I went to a race & Ducati asked me to test drive their race bike too. Then I woke up & unstuck myself from my sheets.

clively 11-01-2004 09:00 AM

Re: Michael Jordan rides Ducati Desmosedici
Crap, I got beat again.

seruzawa 11-01-2004 09:29 AM

Re: The more celebs the better
Yeah. Kobe. Good idea.

SRMark 11-01-2004 09:33 AM

Re: Michael Jordan rides Ducati Desmosedici
I'd not be surprised if, given some instruction and some practice, Mr. Jordan was able to ride the thing pretty well. His eye-hand coordination must be something that only most gifted can begin to imagine.

Now, go out and enjoy riding your iron sleeved XB12R. I assume that your are, after all, a true ferris bueller.

Mooner 11-01-2004 10:01 AM

Re: Michael Jordan rides Ducati Desmosedici
Where did you read they were Kangaroo? And if you don't mind me asking, who peed in your Cheerios today?

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