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Default Re: Date or Ride, but Not Both

VFRs Rule! Okay, maybe they just delegate, but they do it cost effectively.

Anymore, I buy a bike with the idea that I'm gonna beat the crap out of it. I bought a "rat" VFR, with 44K on the clock for $1500: faded paint, torn seat, too many scratches to count, runs great, corners smooth, always starts, does what it's supposed to do; if it could cook, I'd marry it (wouldn't the Christian Coalition be up in arms).

Seems to me, seriously flogging a Duc. is sorta like playing baseball, with a Faberg'e Egg. It might be fun, if you're a billionare, on Acid.

As for sound? I had a CBR1000F that sounded like the second coming of Godzilla (Yosh is the Marshall Amplifier of exhausts) but all that did was get me noticed by the local constabulary("License...Regestration...Insurance.. .Know how fast your were going?...Sounded faster than that...$100.00 please.").
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Default Re: Ducati announces new retail finance deals

No, bought an ST3 and love it. I got it out the door for $11,900 which is very competitive with (if not beating) the other sport tourers out there. Valve adjustments should run me for certain less than $500. Most guys on the Ducati forum I spend time on got theirs taken care of for between $390 and $500. If your friend paid $1000 for an ST4's valve adjustment he did take it in the rear. But (or shoud I say butt), that's his fault for letting a dealer take him for a ride. A decent price on an ST4 valve adjustment is $600. Funny with Ducati's, everyone has a friend who paid this for that and everyone had a friend who had a Ducati break down here or there. I never hear this from the many, many people I know who own them.

I did get exactly what I paid for. An excellent handling, light, powerful, comfortable, incredibly good looking, fun as hell to ride sport tourer that is best in class. And I got a lot more than a kiss from the girl after the ride...
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