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jng1226 06-20-2003 09:48 AM

Re: Ducati Fila Replica
Daddy Like!

webdev511 06-20-2003 10:16 AM

Re: Ducati Fila Replica
Of course the Edwards replica RSV R is pretty sweet too.

Its a wonder why Honda didn't do a world championship edition of the RC51 to honor Colin Edwards Championsihp. (boo Honda)

SuperSquid 06-20-2003 11:23 AM

The Honda
executives would rather fall on their swords before admitting how good Edwards is and how he achieved one of the greatest come backs of all time.

cycleguy26 06-20-2003 03:04 PM

Re: there's a fool born every minute
Ducatis are already too expensive. I can't believe how much people spend on them. And now some fools are gonna waste several thousand dollars on a bunch of stickers that aren't going to do anything to make the bike better. As a matter of fact, it's just going to be a rolling billboard. Idiots!!!

brickl 06-20-2003 03:37 PM

RE: musings from teh WalMart parking lot...
Another gem of wisdom from a McDonalds-eating, Saturn-driving Sam's Club member. Bet you've got a Velvet Elvis on the wall of your doublewide, don'tcha?

cycleguy26 06-20-2003 05:00 PM

RE: musings from teh WalMart parking lot...
no, but I don't understand what would make people spend so much on something when they could get better for less. I assume that the people buying these bikes will probably never do much riding. In that case, I suppose it's understandable from a from a collector's point of view. True, I couldn't afford one, but if I could, I think I'd buy a few functional bikes for the price. I don't collect anything, never did, and probably never will. But I do like to use what I have, and not just look at it.

And no, I don't have a Saturn, I drive a Triumph.

john 06-21-2003 03:54 AM

RE: musings from teh WalMart parking lot...
"better" is subjective.

ride one first, and hope it doesnt become something that you just have to have.....

vlan2k 06-21-2003 05:42 AM

Re: there's a fool born every minute
Laddy, replace "Ducatis" with "Harley's", and "stickers" with "chrome doo-dads" and you're getting to the reason some of us aren't riding lead-sleds...

cycleguy26 06-21-2003 10:28 AM

Re: there's a fool born every minute
You are absolutely correct. I wouldn't spend a whole lot of money on something that doesn't make the bike much more functional. But then again, I'm secure in my image and don't try to go out of my way to impress people with eye-candy.

VMan_1 06-21-2003 10:33 AM

RE: musings from teh WalMart parking lot...
No disrespect, but once you "can" afford it, you think differently. You desire what

others may not have; the exclusivity of it. This has tremendous value. Would you go to

McDonalds if you could afford to dine at nice restaurants? After all, McDonalds is quick and convenient and is arguably the "best value"?

Everything changes when you “can”.

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