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piinob 03-09-2003 09:42 PM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
One thing is sure, with the EPA situation the way it is, in the near future HD is going to have to change to comply. Maybe they could get the influx of Technology they need if they bought in to Ducati. Of course it is just a rumor...

seruzawa 03-10-2003 04:14 AM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
(Mumbling voice uncannily like Marlon Brando's).

"So. This is how the people with which we've been doing business show their respect. They move their operations to the west coast without permission. Luca, make sure that this DiBiago guy 'retires'. Then get them to move their operations back to Jersey. Make them an offer they can't refuse."

Everyone knows who really manages Ducati.

Z3Coupe 03-10-2003 04:31 AM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
I dunno... Seems like the perfect marriage to me! I don't know which company is better at selling image - Harley or Ducati. And that's a compliment to both companies... If Harley does buy Ducati, the combined marketing forces would likely be enough to get a FLXHSJKLMNOP elected President...


rsheidler 03-10-2003 05:08 AM

Harley Davidson EPA Compliance
I believe that Harley has had no huge difficulties complying with EPA and EU environmental standards. At most, they might need to switch the remaining models to fuel injection, and possibly add cat converters (which they have used in Switzerland for at least 10 years, so the technology is well known).

I don't believe that there is any fundamental issue with the Harley engines that makes them especially difficult to clean up.

electraglider_1997 03-10-2003 05:24 AM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
One thing that Harley knows how do is run a tight ship. Ducati would do well to be owned by the motor company. You can bet that should Harley purchase into Ducati, it would bode very well for this Italian motorcycle and Harley. Ducati would keep on making motorcycles and Harley would have further inroads into the European market. I'm all for it.

rsheidler 03-10-2003 05:32 AM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
So, I did a quick check of some of the other on-line e-zines to see how (or if) they covered the story.

Roadracing world posted the entire press release, with no additional commentary.

AMASuperbikes posted 2 sentences exerpted from the press release.

Motorcycle daily -- nothing.

Face it, very few magazines or newspapers do much more than this on ANY such stories, unless it is viewed as extremely interesting. Check out the Wall Street Journal and see how many of the articles about management changes are anything more than press releases or exerpts from press releases.

Of course, if MO would like to send me to Italy to get a first person interview with the principals, I would be happy to do so, but I doubt that they would consider this a good use of their budget.

Buzglyd 03-10-2003 06:08 AM

Re: Harley Davidson EPA Compliance
I believe H-Ds comply with CARB regs through 2006 or 2008. California models already have cats and have had them for years.

I think a marriage between H-D and Ducati would be great. Imagine the sales and marketing boost Ducati would get. Perhaps some of Ducati's expertise could trickle over to Buell.

Harley hasn't had an Italian girl in the stable since Aermacchi.

allbikesbiker 03-10-2003 06:32 AM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
Rumors have been flying about H-D buying into Ducati for years.

Let's just say it happens... hmmm

H-D: the 'image' spin masters with no hardware to back it up.

Ducati: "Racing" winner that doesn't translate to the street.

H-D/Ducati: all show, no go.. (except to the bank for a second mortgage)

captainwhoopass 03-11-2003 01:59 PM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
*Whoosh* *Whoosh**Whoosh*

I can hear that revolving door from here.

DucButt 03-12-2003 09:01 PM

Re: More Ducati Management Changes
Not bad, not bad - I like it! But methinks you need a new translator, because I "win" on the streets every time I ride my Ducati - even when I lose to a Gixxer. So what if the new CEO has a name that sounds like a Vegas hotel? "Di Biagio Casino and Brothel" has a ring to it, no?!

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