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pplassm 02-01-2002 03:27 AM

Re: How about...
Gas Turbine?

Sterling cycle engine?


erc 02-01-2002 03:45 AM

Re: How many cylinders is too many?
shame is the right word. to come to MotoGp and beat the rest of the world in on or 2 years time, would really put to shame all the guys that are already around doing prototypes for years...

Joe_Momma 02-01-2002 04:25 AM

Re: How many cylinders is too many?
So what exactly are you saying? You don't think they can do it? I mean, everyone complains that the Duc twin has too much of an advantage against the inine 4's, but Ducati is kicking big reds ass. Even Honda can't handle it, and Ducati's reliability is improving. Ducati will just introduce the prototype engine, change the frame to fit it (therefore it would be a prototype also) but have similar geometry to the 998r, and then add the usual similar body work to the 998r, lose the weight, and you are already up front. Their short stroke engine is said to produce around 210 Hp and still have really usable torque.

vfrpinckney 02-01-2002 06:28 AM

Re: How many cylinders is too many?
How about an extreme parallel twin? While everyone else is thinking about the advances we'll see in the top end (pneumatic valves, etc.), look for something uncommon in the crankcase.

Joe_Momma 02-01-2002 07:48 AM

Like fizzchem said earlier, get the WANKEL ROTARY, those things make wicked power. That RX-7 turbo makes 255+ horses with a 1.3 liter wankel. THat would be nasty, two 495cc rotars in an engine. It would. They are way more efficent per cc than conventional designs, but not as reliable.

john 02-02-2002 11:25 AM

Jo Momma.....i read an interesting article on the rotary motor. When the DOT measures the displacement, they only measure one of the combustion chambers created by each rotor. So if it is a 3 rotor engine like the rx-7's (i think) it is really closer to 4.0 L, not 1.3. I guess it would depend on how the governing body would measure it.

Also, rotary engines have traditionally been unreliable gas hogs. Apex seals fail, and the RX-7 was only rated at like 17/21 mileage.....pretty poor for such a light car and relatively unstrained motor.

I think any kind of forced induction was made illegal in 1939 or 1940 after BMW came out with their 140mph 225 Kompressor . I don't know how efficient rotary motors are without the benefit of forced induction.

erc 02-03-2002 11:16 PM

Re: How many cylinders is too many?
well, I'm hoping they can't...

but I understand the logic and admit that Ducati can be a top gun almost from the start...

I'm still rooting for the guys already "there" - Honda, Yam, Suzuki, Aprilia - but new faces are always welcome...

Maybe in a few months I'll change my opinnion

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