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Default Re: Mexico

Two wheels better than four. It is not often that it is so clear.
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Default Re: Mexico

The smartest animal in the world goes around on two legs instead of four. The same is true for wheels.
People are more violently opposed to fur than leather, because it\'s safer to harass rich women than bikers.
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Default Not normally true

Normally ever kind of race car, be it offroad, or on road, is usually faster than any race bike. I am a true bike lover, but I feel the need to dispell a lot of the rumors about how quick cars and bikes are, or aren't, on the track. Take WSBK, or GP bikes, Formula one cars will lap those kinds of bikes on the 3rd or 4th lap on most tracks. As for offroad, it has to do with the terrain and a lot of chance. Almost always a car will win offroad, but there are times, generally twisty and lots of odd terrain, favors a bike.

There is a lot of common misconceptions about bikes being the fastest things around, we just do it so elegantly, and smoothly, but you can't be the contact patch of 4 wheels, you can't beat the ability to slide in the turns, you can't beat the stability of 4 wheels over 2, and you can't beat the braking power of 4 big tires on the pavement. Nevermind the fact that bikes can't even hit their potential on the brakes because of the rear end coming up.

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Default Re: Not normally true

yeah but in races like baja, ones that favor high top speed bikes almost always win if they can go the distance, bikes like the XR650R are faster than most off road vehicles. But I agree with you on the fomula one things, even in a comparison between a yzf1000 thunderdance and a Dodge VIper the YZF won everything but the race track.
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